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EVject Release Safety Charging Adapter Solution

Safety Charging Adapter

A new charging adapter makes a quick release and escape possible for drivers in threatening situations while charging their EVs.

EVject, an electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions provider, recently uncovered a major risk to all EV drivers. Currently, drivers connected to a charger are unable to quickly escape dangerous situations. They must physically exit the car, disconnect the charger, and then get back into the car, thus exposing them to the same threat they’re trying to escape. To address this issue, EVject is announcing the release of a new breakaway adapter that will enable drivers to immediately disconnect from a charging station and escape situations where they feel threatened.

“Many charging stations are located in dark, isolated, and potentially unsafe areas, often making drivers feel unsafe while charging their vehicle,” said Erick Vega, CEO of EVject. “There are numerous videos online of EV drivers facing dangerous circumstances. We wanted to provide an escape option in these situations.”

EVject’s new charging adapter is compatible with Tesla vehicles and chargers. EVject will release other versions for a variety of EV brands and charging connectors in the future. Users simply attach the adapter to the charging head when plugging in. In the event of an emergency, drivers press the “Unlock Charge Port” button on the touchscreen and immediately are able to shift the car into Drive. The adapter will separate, protecting both the vehicle’s charging port and the charger’s head as it falls.

“We are eager to partner with EVject on the launch of their new EV charging safety adapter,” said A.J. Rounds, co-founder of venture firm RevRoad. “We are confident that this product will be a game-changer for the industry and are excited to see how it will impact the future of EV charging.”

The new EV charging adapter is now available for preorder on the company website. For more information or to place a preorder, visit evject.com.


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