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EVgo and GM Activate Plug and Charge Across EVgo Network

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EVgo, and GM today announced the availability of Plug and Charge for all GM EVs with DC fast-charging capability on the EVgo network.

EVgo, and General Motors (GM) today announced the availability of Plug and Charge for all GM EVs* with DC fast-charging capability on the EVgo network.

Plug and Charge enables EVgo GM customers to start a fast-charging session in seconds without the need to open a mobile app or swipe an RFID or credit card, saving EV drivers time and helping to deliver a seamless and secure charging experience.

GM’s Plug and Charge service utilizes the latest iteration of EVgo’s Autocharge technology, adding enhanced security features. The Autocharge technology builds on EVgo’s leadership position in EV charging innovation and streamlines the customer experience.

“At its core, this latest iteration of the Autocharge technology is a customer convenience feature that can save drivers time by simplifying the fast-charging experience while maintaining a high level of security and protection,” said Ivo Steklac, Chief Technology Officer at EVgo. “In collaboration with GM, EVgo continues to implement new technology across multiple hardware and software platforms to enhance the charging experience.”

This innovative technology will initially be available to all GM EVs with DC fast-charging capability** at EVgo stations. After a one-time enrollment, customers will unlock convenient fast charging on the EVgo network with the charger and car communicating to securely match the vehicle to the driver’s EVgo and GM brand app account.

To enroll, GM customers must register their vehicle in the GM brand app (myChevrolet, myGMC, myCadillac), link their EVgo account and activate Plug and Charge within their GM brand app.

“We want to be the company that makes the EV experience seamless and convenient for everyone,” said Hoss Hassani, GM vice president of EV Ecosystem. “Our collaboration with EVgo on Plug and Charge complements the work already in place with Ultium Charge 360 and is a part of our larger effort this year to expand charging infrastructure, access and education.”

For more information around the locations of fast chargers within EVgo’s charging network, visit www.evgo.com.

Customers must have an EVgo account, active OnStar connected services and the GM brand app (myChevrolet, myGMC, myCadillac) associated with their vehicle to use the new service.
** CHAdeMO does not have a unique identifier and therefore cannot use Autocharge (or plug-and-charge). A certain subset of CCS vehicles also are unable to take advantage of Autocharge due to vehicle manufacturer limitations.

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