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Everrati Partners with Aria Group on Electric Porsche 911

Electric Porsche 911

Everrati Automotive partners with Aria Group on restored, redefined electric Porsche 911 models for the US.

Everrati has announced a new strategic partnership with Aria Group, experts in low-volume specialist manufacturing and composites, to meet surging US demand for the electric Porsche 911 redefined by Everrati.

Headquartered in the UK, Everrati is the leading technology company redefining icons through the integration of the very latest electric vehicle (EV) powertrains. Every product incorporates Everrati’s industry-leading, in-house developed OEM-standard powertrains, which through unique, sector-leading IP blended with technology from the best Tier 1 automotive suppliers and its own in-house expertise, results in a range of unique, driver-focused models.  

Given increasing demand, particularly in the US, it announces a partnership with Aria Group – a world-leading specialist vehicle manufacturer – on Porsche 911s redefined by Everrati. Aria’s expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing and composites facility, based in Irvine, California, enables Everrati to take advantage of proximity to accelerate delivery times and meet US demand. 

The combination of Everrati’s industry-leading, OEM quality EV powertrains combined with Aria Group’s extensive Porsche 911 ‘restomod’ experience is a unique and compelling proposition for customers who demand the highest quality electric driver’s cars.

Aria Group has peerless expertise in low-volume, high-end vehicle engineering and manufacturing, supporting world-leading OEMs and reimagination specialists. Having direct experience creating vehicles for both Singer Vehicle Design, and Radford Motors (with its Type 62-2), Aria Group is the natural partner for Everrati and its discerning customers. Like Everrati, Aria Group employs the latest production techniques and technologies, with quality and precision at the core of its operations.

Today’s announcement follows the recent establishment of Everrati North America in Calabasas, CA.

Everrati’s product range is available in every major market, its electric icons appealing to a diverse international audience. Surging demand for Everrati products globally is being led by sustainability-conscious millennials and Gen-Z buyers who demand an iconic car from decades such as the 80s and 90s, and demand EV power over ICE.

Everrati buyers are also traditional car collectors with a passion for the latest in automotive technology. Nevertheless, there is one common thread: all Everrati customers are car enthusiasts driven by a desire to enjoy beautiful icons sustainably and responsibly.

The 911 (964) redefined by Everrati range consists of Coupe, Targa & Cabriolet in narrow body, wide body and officially-licenced Gulf Editions. Its flagship Signature wide body features a 500bhp, 500Nm EV powertrain with a high power state-of-the-art battery pack, capable of delivering an electric, emission-free driving range of up to 200 miles and sub-4-second 0-62mph acceleration. 

Centring on driver engagement and immersive experiences, each Everrati product features unparalleled engineering to OEM standards. Simultaneously, Everrati works meticulously to preserve the original ‘feel’ and character of its redefined icons with the transformation to electric power also involving the optimisation of weight distribution, chassis response and safety to enhance the performance of the original, reinvigorating its soul.

Justin Lunny, Founder & CEO, Everrati Automotive Limited, said: “I am absolutely delighted to announce our agreement with Aria Group. It is a world leader in the precision build of specialist high performance vehicles and the perfect partner for Everrati as we rapidly expand our global footprint. Like Everrati, Aria Group is expert in the provision of the highest quality, custom iconic cars, adding OEM-grade engineering and manufacturing, resulting in the highest possible quality products.

“Demand for our electrified icons, such as the Signature edition – based on the Porsche 911 (964) – is surging globally, but particularly in California where our customer base of sustainability-conscious Millennials and Gen-Z’s is growing very quickly indeed. These discerning buyers want the look of an icon but would never consider ICE. For them, EV is the only way to go.

“Aria Group has played a key role in the manufacture of so many world-leading performance cars and this new agreement means we are perfectly positioned to bring the unique Everrati experience to a region with extraordinary potential. The build of our first car in Irvine is already well underway and I cannot wait to deliver it to our Californian customer in the coming months.” 

Clive Hawkins, President & CEO of Aria Group, added: “Over many years, Aria Group has garnered a reputation as a leader in the low-volume, high-end vehicle engineering and manufacturing space. Everrati’s products, such as the redefined Porsche 911 (964), set new standards for electrified iconic vehicles and we are excited to be playing a key role in the company’s expansion into the US market.” 

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