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EVE Energy Receives ASPICE CL2 Automotive Certification for Battery Management System

ASPICE CL2 Automotive Certification for Battery Management System

EVE Energy, recently received the ASPICE CL2 certification from the German Federation of the Automotive Industry (“VDA”).

EVE Energy, recently received the ASPICE CL2 certification from the German Federation of the Automotive Industry (“VDA”), indicating that the company’s battery management systems (“BMS”) have reached an international industry-leading standard.

The Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination (ASPICE) has become the model framework for assessing R&D capabilities among software development teams in the automotive industry. Developed in adherence to ISO/IEC standards, ASPICE examines applicants’ levels of proficiency across multiple indicators.

During the period from October 31st to November 4th, 2022, the VDA assessed and evaluated 18 processes related to EVE Energy’s SJ01 BMS project, with all of them reaching the level 2 certification standard. Additionally, several EVE Energy’s BMS products have now been certified for the ISO26262 Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) D standard, CCS, Thiel, and GBT34131 certifications.

“As the core technology in lithium-ion battery application, EVE Energy’s BMS products have entered the development and application stage of the battery operating system,” said Dr. Wan Liping, Vice-president of Battery System Research Institute, EVE Energy Co., Ltd. With a global BMS R&D team of more than 200 people, EVE Energy has built up a core R&D capability covering development, product experience, and application experience based on functional safety, information security, and ASPICE standards.

To date, the R&D team has developed xHEV products covering the 12V, 48V, 400V, and BMS products and services for the EBS1500 platform, which are widely used in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, energy storage, and ships. The products have also obtained ISO270001, ISO26262, and other related certifications.

All platforms are developed based on a unified ePDP process (compliant with ASPICE level 2 and Functional Safety 26262 requirements) with Autosar 4.4 base software and an MBD application platform to achieve up to ASIL C, based on product functionality, safety levels, credibility, and reliability.

EVE Energy provides OEMs with a full-stack solution to reduce the complexity of complete vehicle design, shortening the development cycle, including:

– EVE Energy’s 12V platform product, EBP 12, integrates electronic switches and intelligent protection functions to ensure the reliability of battery information monitoring and safety during use, while also supporting remote OTA. It has been utilized by BMW Group and Daimler customers, while key domestic OEMs are developing products using the system.

– EVE Energy’s 48V platform product, EBP 48, focuses more on information security development, using the 12V as a basis to improve the reliability of product communication. A project for start-stop matching with Jaguar Land Rover and BMW Group, as well as other car brands, is in the C-sample development stage.

– EVE Energy’s EV/PHEV/HEV compatible product, such as EPB 400, which leverage compactness, low cost, and high reliability along with its distributed, versatile and configurable advantages that are mainly adapted to HEV/PHEV models.

– EVE Energy’s 800V product, including EPB 800, is compatible with passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The daisy chain connection, starting from the board, increases reliability and effectively extends battery life.

More information about EVE Energy’s BMS system and full-stack solution, please visit EVE Energy.

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