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Quantron AG and Electromin Deliver 50 EV Trucks in Saudi Arabia


Quantron AG, in collaboration with its partner Electromin (a subsidiary of the Petromin Corporation), has revealed the successful shipment of 50

Quantron AG, in collaboration with its partner Electromin (a subsidiary of the Petromin Corporation), has revealed the successful shipment of 50 QUANTRON QARGO 4 electric light trucks to Saudi Arabia. These vehicles are poised for service with major clients such as PepsiCo and Red Sea Global, signifying the most substantial consignment of electric trucks in the country. This landmark achievement aligns with the sustainability objectives outlined in the Saudi Vision 2030, underlining a significant stride in the journey towards carbon-neutrality in the realm of transportation.

Saudi Vision 2030 is a clear plan to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy and address concerns about urbanization and climate change. The Saudi government has proposed a variety of solutions aimed at reducing energy consumption per capita whilst strongly prioritizing the exploitation of renewable energy sources. Moreover, the government is investing in improvements to the transportation system and the development of tourism, entertainment, and other important industries.

QUANTRON’s partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Petromin, is a leading multi-national organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, standing as a strong transformative force, enabling the movement of people, products and services through sustainable and innovative mobility solutions. In a joint project, Petromin pilots Saudi Arabia’s first fleet of zero emission battery electric trucks.

The battery-electric QUANTRON QARGO 4EV has been specially designed to make urban transport and last-mile deliveries as convenient and sustainable as possible. With ranges of more than 250km based on CATL battery with 81kWh which can be recharged in one hour, the QUANTRON QARGO 4 EV is the optimum solution for decarbonized transportation needs of metropolitan areas. Due to the wide range of mounting and assembly options, the vehicle can be used very flexibly in a wide variety of applications (e.g., dry goods, fresh food, municipal services, furniture transport and more). Among the first customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are PepsiCo and Red Sea Global, demonstrating a strong commitment towards sustainability. These customers will operate the trucks in day-to-day operations, substituting diesel trucks, thereby achieving an estimated carbon saving of 31.5 kilograms per 100 km (calculated based on a mixed load, driving time of approx. 3.6 hours and 10 stops for loading and off-loading of cargo).

Kalyana Sivagnanam, Group CEO of Petromin Corporation: “By joining forces, Electromin and QUANTRON have forged a powerful alliance that capitalizes on their unique skill sets and positions them at the forefront of the e-mobility revolution in KSA. This synergistic partnership enables the pooling of resources, knowledge, and experience, paving the way for the creation of innovative, sustainable mobility solutions that will revolutionize transportation in the Kingdom.”

Mark Notkin, Head of Electromin and Chief Innovation Officer of Petromin Group: “Electromin and QUANTRON’s collaboration represents a transformative step forward in the e-mobility landscape of Saudi Arabia. With the shared commitment to zero-emission solutions, this partnership will unlock a new era of sustainable transportation, offering clients and partners an expanded range of cutting-edge products and services that will shape the future of mobility in the Kingdom and beyond.”

Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron AG: “We are delighted and proud to announce that QUANTRON is a partner of choice to Petromin in this truly pioneering project led by Anil Reddi, director Quantron-as-a-Service, driving the ambitious decarbonisation goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia forward. This is a significant step for us towards internationalisation and entry into the Middle East. It’s merely the beginning of a journey where QUANTRON and Petromin will leverage their complementary expertise to revolutionise the mobility landscape in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”


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