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Volcon Launches the New Grunt EVO and Runt LT Off-Road Electric Motorcycles

Off-Road Electric Motorcycles

Volcon, the first all-electric, off-road powersports company, announced today it has launched the new Grunt EVO and the Runt LT.

Volcon, announced today it has launched the new Grunt EVO and the Runt LT. The EVO is the latest edition of the Company’s original all electric off-road motorcycle using Volcon’s Exo-Arch frame and fat-tired design, now affectionately called the Grunt Founders Edition (FE) internally. The EVO streamlines design, comfort, and style while offering improvements based on Grunt consumer feedback.

Like its predecessor, the EVO will utilize the Company’s proprietary Exo-Arch frame design and offer a wide range of off-road capabilities across several landscapes and uses. The EVO is a leaner, lighter and quieter evolution of the Company’s original off-road moto, with updates to the overall riding experience. Contributing to EVO’s stealth is the use of the Gates Carbon Belt Drive system, making it ideal for hunters or tending land with livestock. The Gates Carbon Drive (Moto X9) requires less maintenance and is more energy efficient than traditional chains leading to improved range. Another key update is a newly designed progressive rear suspension with a premium, custom tuned, coilover shock from Walker Evans Racing.

Comfort is another key theme in the EVO design. A more ergonomic, scalloped seat profile and material changes increase comfort and impact absorption. Upgrades in footpeg position and mounting create a better rider angle, improving ergonomics and providing a more plush feel during off-road adventures. This latest edition will have the same torqued, 60V power system and the undeniably valuable IP67 rating, making it water, sand, and snow proof. Another key EVO development is the overall weight reduction of nearly 20 percent.

Aesthetically speaking, the EVO is slimmer and incorporates a cosmetic upgrade with new stylized fairings added to the bike. These fairings not only add an aggressive design element, but also protect the battery and enhance aerodynamics. Further refinements including placing all electrical components under the seat, giving the EVO a clean and minimal finishing touch. The EVO will come in three colorways: Bandit Black, Del Rio Red, and Desert Dune – each an ode to the company’s Texas roots. Accessories will include a trailer hitch attachment, which can tow 750 lbs, rear rack and other storage options.

The long anticipated Runt LT, the downsized, abridged version of the Grunt will be making its debut to powersports dealerships near you this spring. The Volcon Runt LT boasts many of the same benefits of the EVO, while also having some unique callouts of its own. The Runt’s low 27 inch seat height makes it a great option for the smaller stature or as fantastic pit bikes. Unlike its predecessor the Grunt, the Runt LT features an in-wheel hub motor, giving riders higher torque and increased control of vehicle dynamics. The Runt LT reaches speeds of up to 35 mph and 25 miles of range on a single battery charge. Inverted forks, pivotless adjustable rear shock, and hydraulic disc brakes give it one of the smoothest rides of any off-road motorcycle in its class. Luminous LED headlights keep the rider’s path brightly and safely lit while cruising off-road terrain.

Akin to the EVO, the Runt LT has three ride modes displayed on its large LCD display screen. While not named like the modes in the Grunt, they’re similar in speed capacity with mode one through three, hitting speeds of 15 mph, 25 mph, and 35 mph respectively. The Runt will come in Del Rio Red and Desert Dune colorways and only weighs 147 lbs. The Runt LT completes a two-wheel, family-focused product suite, aligning with the Company’s core values of promoting time spent outdoors for everyone.

“Nothing compares to the fun of bonding with your family in the great outdoors, so to offer a line of products that make that achievable for all kinds of families, regardless of their level of motorcycle experience, is fulfilling, personally and professionally,” said Melissa Coffey, Volcon Vice President of Global Revenue and Business Development. “Giving everyone in the family an option for low maintenance, easy-to-ride, fun is the catalyst for empowering adventure, especially with financing options through our incredible dealership network,” Coffey continued.

The Company aims to widen their customer base with these new editions, targeting outdoor enthusiasts, traditional powersports families, wildlife conservation groups, and other audiences needing silent, rugged vehicles with exceptional all-terrain capabilities. Volcon is scheduled to ship the EVO and Runt LT to dealers in Q2 of this year. Customers can start creating builds of both motorcycles on Volcon.com starting March 30, 2023. Once ready, customers can pick up their motorcycle from their local powersports dealer.

SOURCE: Volcon

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