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EV Fleet Management Software for Commercial Vehicle Fleets

EV Fleet Management Software

Garrett Motion, has partnered with international telematics provider CANGO to provide EV fleet management software for commercial vehicle fleets.

Garrett Motion a distinguished technology leader, has partnered with international telematics provider CANGO to provide EV fleet management software for commercial vehicle fleets. The new aftermarket fleet management solution will add Garrett’s Early Warning System (EWS) software to CANGO’s existing products and solutions detecting and interpreting CANbus and other vehicle data signals.

The Garrett Early Warning System (EWS) uses the data from your vehicle combined with Garrett’s advanced analytics capabilities to assess your vehicle health and predict when your vehicle will fail.

Garrett EWS focuses the power of both physics and artificial intelligence (AI) into an aftermarket tool ideally suited to complement and enhance existing telematic hardware which commercial fleet operators rely upon for data related to key business metrics such as fuel consumption, operational run-time, axle weights and driver behaviours. CANGO’s Fleetcare thereby brings together a unique and innovative solution that goes beyond detection to predict future component failures and helping to reduce costly service interruptions, repairs, and scheduling conflicts.

“We are tremendously excited to support CANGO in offering its customers a unique solution with an opportunity to help fleet managers optimize their operations,” said Eric Fraysse, president of Garrett Global Aftermarket. “Garrett EWS integrated in CANGO’s Fleetcare application supports telematic service providers’ technologies by extending the functionality of their existing products and services which are already in high demand. Our predictive software learns with every route driven by every individual vehicle and gives fleet managers greater ability to make the decisions which best support their fleet’s performance and bottom line.”

Garrett EWS covers all connected systems, including aftertreatment and exhaust; battery, alternator and starter; body and chassis; braking; cooling; fuel; lubrication, tires, transmission. 

“Many solutions created for fleet management claim to have predictive capabilities, but the truth is that in most of the cases it is a misrepresentation of diagnostic accuracy as insurance against future problems,” said CANGO CEO Puiu Dumitru. “True predictive maintenance can recognize problems before they occur. In terms of business growth, Fleetcare saves a lot of money by keeping your fleets on the road. Together with Garrett we have created something unique on the market offering a valuable feature for any type of fleet. And this is only the beginning.”

Garrett EV fleet management software, EWS is ideally suited for regulated sectors such as emergency services and long-haul trucking, in addition to leasing, rental and service fleets.

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