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Canoo Electric Vehicle

EV car subscription, no upfront cost, one monthly price with no fixed terms

Canoo have unveiled their first subscription-only electric vehicle called Canoo, with a solution that will be better than traditional car ownership.

Canoo based in Los Angeles USA, create electric vehicles (EV) for subscription only, have unveiled their first model called Canoo. Canoo, challenges the traditional ways of building, offering and using vehicles resulting in multiple benefits to the customer.

Canoo EV Car Exterior

The World’s First Subscription-only Electric Vehicle

Canoo believe this is a better solution than traditional car ownership and it’s hard to disagree. The Canoo subscription is hassle and commitment-free taking away the burden of owning or leasing with strict terms and initial upfront costs. Canoo’s subscription is designed to be flexible, with a single all-inclusive monthly payment that includes the vehicle, maintenance, registration, access to insurance and charging on a month-to-month basis.

The Canoo stands out above other traditional EV vehicles with its unique design, unlike any other electric car, the shape and functionality take advantage of EV architecture that significantly increases the amount of interior space. Canoo have said on their website: “There is no need for EVs to look like traditional cars, yet today they still do. Instead, Canoo maximizes the unique benefits of EV technology by providing vehicles that have both a very large interior and very small overall footprint, perfect for city use. The minimalist design gives subscribers everything they need and nothing they don’t. Canoo offers customers a more spacious and intuitive vehicle.”

Canoo Design Features

The Canoo is the result of a completely re-engineered vehicle design, eliminating wasted space throughout the vehicle and providing exceptional utility to the user. With the interior space of a large SUV and the exterior footprint of a compact car, the Canoo holds enough space for seven people. All seating is designed to feel more like furniture than that of traditional car seats.

Canoo EV Car Interior Back
An Urban Loft on Wheels

“Cars always have been designed to convey a certain image and emotion; however, we chose to completely rethink car design and focus on what future users will actually need. Thus, we came up with this loft-inspired vehicle,” says Richard Kim, in Charge of Design at Canoo. “When you subscribe, you think differently about a car – now the value is defined by the user benefit. We implemented the Bauhaus philosophy, which is centered around minimalism and functionality, and started with the reduction to the absolute minimal need.”

Canoo have chosen a minimalist approach for the user interface to provide Canoo subscribers with an experience comparable to a connected home. This means no driving features in sight such as satellite navigation, music or heating as these can all be controlled through your phone or tablet.

Canoo EV Car Interior Front
Bring Your Own Screen Approach

Join the waitlist

People can join the waitlist in a matter of seconds with no obligation. Canoo’s first vehicle will launch in 2021 in Los Angeles and was designed for a world in which transportation is becoming increasingly electric, shared and autonomous. Click here to Sign up Now.

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