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Engineering Validation Completed for the 100 Volt Coil Driver

100 Volt Coil Driver

Exro has announced that it has completed the engineering validation on the 100 Volt Coil Driver for electric cars.

Exro a Clean Tech company has developed a new class of control technology for electric motors and powertrains and has announced that the engineering validation on the 100 Volt Coil Driver has been completed. Engineering validation of the 100 Volt Coil Driver marks key milestone toward for Exro to delivering commercial products in the rapidly growing electric car markets. The 100V Coil Driver will deliver next generation performance in power and efficiency to mobility applications with electric powertrains.

Testing has proven that the series to parallel algorithms driving the dynamic switching under load is operating as expected. Exro is on schedule to deliver a prototype to Potencia Industrial, S.A. DE C.V. (“Potencia”) and maximize performance in operating applications. Potencia is one of Mexico’s largest motor manufacturers with over fifty years of experience specializing in custom applications like the new Pronto Power electric powertrain. With over one million miles traveled, the Pronto Power is leading the transition of electric fleet vehicles in Latin America.

“I am extremely pleased with the speed-torque results from our bench tests”, said Eric Hustedt, Chief Engineer of Exro. “I have no concerns over the operations of the drive moving forward. The hardware is more than able to support the dynamic switching under loads, and demonstration of these algorithms in the drive is a breakthrough.”

“We are excited about moving forward in delivering our technology into operating applications”, commented Sue Ozdemir, Chief Executive Officer of Exro. “This validation represents all the hard work our engineering team has put in to take our patented technology from simulations to dyno bay testing, taking us another step closer to positioning ourselves as technology leaders in the transition to electric vehicles.”

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