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Enedym Announces New Collaboration with Toyota Tsush to Develop Magnet-Free Electric Motors

Magnet-Free Electric Motors

Enedym team up with Toyota Tsusho, to develop magnet-free electric motors for battery and hydrogen-powered commercial tuggers.

Enedym, the technology company that develops next generation switched reluctance motors (SRMs), electric propulsion, and electrified powertrains, today announced a strategic collaboration with Toyota Tsusho, a Toyota group company and general trading arm of Toyota Motor.

Through the collaboration, Enedym will design and develop SRMs and inverters with rated nominal power of approximately 45kW for use in North America and Japan. The magnet-free electric motors will convert small commercial vehicles, or tuggers, commonly used at airports and manufacturing plants, from diesel fuel to battery or hydrogen power.

Through Enedym’s advanced SRM motor technologies, the refitted tuggers will reduce carbon output and lower costs, while maintaining exceptional performance.

The collaboration’s first output, an electric-powered commercial tugger, will be piloted at one of Toyota Tsusho’s affiliates located at one of Toyota Motor’s North American manufacturing plants in 2023.

“This collaboration marks a transformation in the design and use of airport and industrial tuggers that traditionally run on diesel fuel,” said Dr. Ali Emadi, Founder, President, and CEO of Enedym. “We are excited to join forces with Toyota Tsusho to be on the forefront of converting these diesel-powered vehicles into electric vehicles using Enedym’s patented SRM motor technologies.”

“We are pleased to work with the Enedym team to power a new generation of commercial tuggers,” said Grant Town, President, Toyota Tsusho Canada. “Together, we are aiming to accelerate electrification in industrial vehicles by creating solutions that are environmentally sustainable and cost-effective, and still deliver quality results.”

Enedym’s innovative SRM motor technologies remove the need for rare earth metals, thereby reducing costs by approximately 40%, improving supply chain stability, and supporting global environmental goals. “As we meet with strategic investors for our upcoming funding round,” Emadi added, “we are encouraged by the excitement around Enedym’s role in helping to fulfill global environmental goals to reduce emissions and improve air quality, while adding real business value through technology.”

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