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ENC Receives Order for Three Zero Emissions Axess® EVO-FC™ Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses

ENC, secured an order for three Axess EVO-FC zero emissions hydrogen fuel cell buses from Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority

ElDorado National (California) or ENC, a subsidiary of REV Group, secured an order for three Axess EVO-FC zero emissions hydrogen fuel cell buses from Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority.

The Axess EVO-FC buses, which only have water as a byproduct, will help RGRTA as it works toward a goal of transitioning to a zero-emissions fleet by 2035. The transportation provider received funding for its Axess EVO-FC buses through the Federal Transit Administration Low- and No-Emission program.

The Axess EVO-FC is powered by the industry’s highest capacity fuel cell and a BAE Systems® Gen3 electric propulsion system. Launched in September 2022 alongside the Axess® Battery Electric Bus (EVO-BE™), the next-generation Axess EVO-FC bus delivers an industry-leading range up to 400 miles, refuels in 12-20 minutes and the only emission is water. As a leader in low or no emission technology, ENC was the first bus manufacturer to complete the 12-year/500,000 miles FTA Altoona test for a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric powered bus in 2018.

“We are excited to be part of RGRTA’s journey toward achieving a zero-emissions fleet,” said Jason Moore, Vice President and General Manager of ENC. “The Axess EVO-FC delivers the technology, performance and capabilities RGRTA needs to serve its ridership of over 8 million people.”

“RGRTA has reached an exciting phase of our journey towards having a fully zero-emissions bus fleet by 2035 – exploring the use of hydrogen fuel cell technology,” said RGRTA CEO Miguel Velázquez. “As we conduct a demonstration project on this new technology, we are focused on meeting New York State’s goal for 2035 and doing so with a solution that provides a level of reliability that RGRTA and our customers expect. I thank the Federal Transit Administration for the grant funds that support this effort and look forward to working with ENC to develop our fleet of the future.”

ENC is expected to deliver the Axess® EVO-FC buses to RGRTA in 2024. Learn more about Axess EVO-FC at https://www.eldorado-ca.com/axess-evo-fc.

Applications for Federal Transit Authority Low- and No-Emission funding are open now through April 13, 2023. Contact ENC for information on the full line of buses that qualify.


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