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Emil Frey France and Atlante Partner for Fastcharging Stations

Emil Frey France x Atlante

Emil Frey France, a prominent figure in vehicle distribution across France, has joined forces with Atlante, a subsidiary of NHOA Group specializing in fast and ultra-fast charging networks for electric vehicles (EVs). This partnership entails the installation of fast and ultra-fast charging stations in approximately fifteen car dealerships within the Autosphere network by 2025, comprising around eighty charging points in total.

The growing need for ultra-fast charging infrastructure, deemed necessary for the increase of electric vehicle sales, represents a significant opportunity for the Emil Frey France group. In order to offer an additional service to customers of the Autosphere network, its auto/motorcycle retail branch, and to gain new ones, Emil Frey France decided to embark on a journey to install fastcharging stations by sealing a partnership with Atlante last September. The deployment of these stations is also part of Emil Frey France group’s desire to optimize its real estate properties.

Atlante’s solution offers a practical and efficient option for drivers that can recharge their electric vehicles up to 80% of their capacity in about 20 minutes, depending on the model. The stations are compatible with all EV models and open to all charging standards, available 24/7, and accessible to people with reduced mobility. Payment by credit card is accepted, and the terminals are listed on the main electric mobility applications. Offering from 2 to 6 fastcharging points (150 to 300kWh), Atlante’s station concept is flexible, adapting to the available real estate space. It allows for installation next to dynamic business areas or near major roadways, perfectly suited to the local needs of medium-sized cities.

About fifteen stations by 2025

The partnership includes the installation of about fifteen stations, which will ultimately have around eighty fastcharging points in total, that will enable owners to recharge their electric vehicles with renewable energy. The Autosphere network dealerships selected to host these fastcharging stations are progressively chosen as the deployment unfolds, according to the concept’s criteria. Already underway, the first Atlante charging site has been installed at the car dealership in La Teste-de-Buch, near Arcachon, in the Gironde department. This station has 4 fastcharging points of 150kW and is already open to all electric vehicles. Following the layout of the Autosphere network, the next stations to be established will be in Tours/St Cyr sur Loire, Châtellerault, Ruffec, Meaux, Compiègne, Maubeuge, and Montluçon.

Supporting the transition to electric mobility

By providing Autosphere network customers with a journey that incorporates fast and ultra-fast charging with Atlante’s user experience, Emil Frey France not only demonstrates its commitment to actively participate in the transition to electric mobility but also aims to anticipate the expectations of Autosphere customers with the deployment of personalized, cutting-edge services.

“We are very proud of having been chosen to support the deployment of this new service within the car dealerships of the Autosphere network. With our cutting-edge technology and a constant demand for the best user experience, we guarantee Emil Frey France, through its Autosphere network, to offer a quality service to its customers. This project, which is pivotal for Atlante France, fully aligns with our desire to deploy our network with renowned partners, on sites known for their quality service,” emphasizes Jacques Galvani, CEO of Atlante France.

“As an expert partner in its field, Atlante offers us the opportunity, with this new service, to provide the best service to drivers towards electrification. This partnership is fully in line with our policy of diversifying our services to maintain all our added value in a sector that is rapidly and constantly evolving,” declares Hervé Miralles, President of Emil Frey France group.


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