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Electric Vehicle Warranty to Cover Battery Degradation

Electric Vehicle warranty to cover battery degradation

MotorEasy who provide motorists extended warranty have launched an electric vehicle warranty to cover battery degradation.

MotorEasy who provide a smart and simple way for drivers to manage, protect and maintain their car have launched an electric vehicle warranty to cover battery degradation, the first in the UK. Providers have previously avoided cover for the Drive Battery, fearful of exposure amounting to thousands of pounds, but MotorEasy is the UK’s only extended warranty company prepared to take on the risk.

MotorEasy has now bridged this shortcoming by extending its pioneering electric car warranties to cover degradation of the drive battery.

The company was the first to offer extended warranty cover for EVs and is believed to be the only one that is prepared to cover drive battery capacity loss.  

MotorEasy’s founder and CEO, Duncan McClure Fisher said: “It is surprising that Electric Cars have been around for so long, yet until now, no warranty company has offered a fully comprehensive extended warranty.

“EVs and HEVs are increasingly popular and manufacturers continue to evolve and improve the technology, however, few motorists could afford to replace the Drive Battery. An inclusive warranty will be a ‘must’ for EV and Hybrid owners now and in the future.    

“We are delighted to take the lead and once again champion the motorist’s cause.”

MotorEasy is the first association to offer a third-party EV warranty that includes all expensive and complex driveline components, subject to a standard vehicle health check, as part of the warranty application process.

McClure Fisher said: “the cost of replacing an EV’s drive battery is a major consideration for anybody contemplating a long-term purchase of a used vehicle. The MotorEasy EV Warranty has been launched to directly combat this fear and make vehicle ownership as simple, cost-effective and stress-free as possible.”

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