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ECCO Launches Electric Vehicle Alert System

Electric Vehicle Alert System

ECCO manufactures of commercial vehicle lighting and safety solutions have launched its Electric Vehicle Alert System® (EVAS) ahead of federal regulations.

ECCO who develop, engineer and manufactures a complete line of commercial vehicle lighting and safety solutions have launched its Electric Vehicle Alert System® (EVAS) ahead of federal regulations. Soon, all electric, hybrid, fuel cell and battery-powered vehicles operating on public roads are required to emit a running noise like vehicles with an internal combustion engine. The EVAS keeps pedestrians safe while allowing automakers to develop an audible brand. The Electric Vehicle Alert System® exceeds standards and offers a library of custom tones.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration outlines the minimum sound emitting requirements in regulation FMVSS 141. Essentially, vehicles under 10,000lbs that operate on public roads and spaces need an audible signature above ambient street noise when accelerating, decelerating, reversing, and idling. The measure is intended to protect vulnerable pedestrians and reduce injury crashes involving silently running cars.

EVAS offers the latest technology in the industry’s most reliable speaker, producing a 360-degree perimeter of sound around the vehicle. It features a wide frequency band (350Hz to 5KHz) and can be programmed with a variety of approved tones. Visit the dedicated EVAS page and listen to sample sound profiles. ECCO will work with customers to develop their unique “voice.” Electric car manufacturer Karma Automotive partnered with ECCO to do just that late last year, giving their line of luxury cars a branded acoustic signature.

Easily install EVAS in any vehicle, from passenger cars to autonomous vehicles to buses. Unlike other audible warning devices in the market, EVAS speakers are designed and tested to the ECCO standard and have passed automotive testing protocols from multiple tier one manufacturers. They are highly resistant to corrosion, vibration, dust, salt, and moisture. Drivers and pedestrians can rely on ECCO’s devices to consistently perform in any environment or driving conditions.

Mount it, plug it in and design the sound profile. The standard firmware is simple to set up and ECCO can accommodate proprietary CANBus architecture for seamless integration. Now is the time to get compliant and creative. Give the electric vehicle its voice back and create an acoustic perimeter of safety.

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