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Electreon and GINAF Have Fully Integrated Electreon’s Wireless Charging System on a GINAF 50-Ton Truck

Electreon's Wireless Charging System

Electreon and GINAF, are proud to announce that they have fully integrated Electreon’s wireless charging system on a GINAF 50-ton truck.

Electreon, the leading developer and provider of inroad wireless Electric Vehicle charging technology, and Dutch automaker GINAF, a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles, are proud to announce that they have fully integrated Electreon’s wireless charging system on a GINAF 50-ton truck.

By harnessing Electreon’s cutting-edge wireless charging technology, electric vehicles can now charge seamlessly while parked, idling, and even on the move, effectively eliminating range limitations, and reducing EV operational costs in the bid to decarbonize road and freight transport.

GINAF is a specialist in the development and production of special and efficient transport solutions based on DAF and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, amongst other conversions and retrofits to electric powered propulsion. This time, GINAF is elevating its e-truck value proposition by integrating Electreon’s wireless charging system with the GINAF GE2121 truck (a modified DAF XF). The ‘wireless truck’ has undergone testing on both Electreon’s stationary wireless charging station (charging while idle) and its dynamic (Wireless Electric Road – charging while driving).

This Electreon and GINAF e-Truck integration is a vital step forward in the race to net-zero road transport emissions. Road transport is one of the most significant sources of the European Union’s greenhouse gas emissions. Approximately 77% of EU transport emissions come from road transport, and the road transport sector is not improving fast enough to meet the goals set out in the European Green Deal set back in 2006. Additionally, traditional plug-in charging solutions for EVs present major challenges, particularly for long-distance logistics fleets; therefore sustainable innovative solutions such as wireless EV charging must be sought, encouraged and invested in. 

Promoting Sustainable Transportation

“GINAF is very pleased with the results of the truck’s excellent performance on the world’s first public Electric Road: Electreon’s Smartroad in Gotland, ” said Roeland van der Woude, GINAF CEO. “It endorses our capabilities as a flexible and qualitative alternative to OEMs, for transport companies that want to make their 7-50+ ton trucks more sustainable.”

“This is yet another example of Electreon’s seamless integration and capabilities in simple integrating onto any vehicle,” said Håkan Sundelin, Electreon Regional director of the Nordic countries. “We are pleased to add GINAF to the list of companies we collaborate with. The cooperation with GINAF ensures that we are ready for large scale deployments and provide a solution for efficient and sustainable transportation.”

Looking Ahead

Electreon and GINAF are now poised to implement aftermarket installations on additional GINAF trucks, based on DAF or Mercedes-Benz chassis – and will be available for future Electreon projects, encompassing both static and dynamic charging capabilities.

In a further display of their commitment to electric transportation, Electreon and GINAF have joined forces with REARQ, a Swedish company specializing in circular economic practices – aiming to reuse current internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles on the market and converting them into EVs. Together, they aim to drive sales of electric trucks in Nordic markets and lead the charge in the race to the net-zero carbon emissions future.

“The joint collaboration in this project proves that we can accelerate the change to sustainable transportation solutions, by integrating smart charging technology with Electric Vehicles and thereby increasing the benefits when shifting to 100% electric,” says Henrik Wallström, CEO of REARQ.

SOURCE: Electreon

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