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eLeapPower Announces Power Electronics & Wireless Charging for Electric Commercial Truck Market

Wireless Charging for Electric Commercial Truck

announced new technologies for the North American medium-duty electric commercial truck market

eLeapPower have announced new technologies for the North American medium-duty electric commercial truck market that reduces complexity, cost, and weight and provides new methods of wireless charging.

eLeapPower’s patented integrated inverter solution eliminates the need for onboard charging systems through functional integration where power electronics components perform multiple functions. This contrasts with typical co-packaged integration efforts where several functional assemblies just share the same enclosure.

The integrated inverter’s 800V architecture is compatible with 400V auxiliary components and doesn’t require expensive, supply-chain-limited 1200V SiC semiconductors. The system enables low-cost charging directly from renewable power sources and DC microgrids and offers fully integrated, bidirectional charging for both AC and DC. It also reduces the total number of cables, connectors, and other components to help lower cost, weight and complexity.

Currently, eLeapPower has a development contract with Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. to provide the automaker with an integrated inverter and is also in a development phase with a North American motor partner and commercial OEM.

“eLeapPower created a single power electronics assembly that can perform the function of the inverter, on-board charger, and 400V/800V conversion,” said eLeapPower CEO Russell Pullan. “Initial pricing studies find direct savings for commercial Class 4-6 medium duty EV truck manufacturers to be over $2,000 per vehicle depending on the application, with weight and volume savings to be around 20-25kg and 15-20L.”

Although the company is initially targeting commercial vehicles because the total cost of ownership is a critical buying decision for fleet owners, the technology also applies to passenger cars. Designed to be cost-effective and scalable, eLeapPower’s integrated inverter can use components readily available in the existing supply chain, enabling EV manufacturers to simplify their propulsion system and significantly reduce weight, maximize space, and save production costs.

eLeapPower applied its solutions to create a wireless charging system with special appeal to the North American and European last-mile delivery market, where depot space restrictions and working areas can make it challenging to integrate plug-in chargers as part of the workflow. By integrating wireless charging vehicle assemblies with existing power electronics units, the company anticipates fleet owners can save 30% of the on-vehicle cost related to wireless charging.

“This also opens the door for easier retrofit solutions versus the current state that requires significant integration work by expensive specialists,” Pullan added. “Fleet operators will reduce vehicle downtime because charging at their depots will be more accessible either as a retrofit or OEM installation.”

In addition to its business pursuits in North America, eLeapPower is Chery’s strategic technology partner for innovative power electronics solutions and is developing configurations to meet the specific demands of China’s fast-growing EV sector.

SOURCE: eLeapPower

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