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Eberspaecher to Showcase Innovative Battery Management Systems at The Battery Show 2023

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Whether it is automated guided vehicles, off-road mobility, or medical applications – Eberspaecher provides customers with safe and reliable battery management systems (BMS). At the Battery Show in Novi, the specialist will be showcasing V04290 along with its full line of integrated and distributed BMS at booth 1050 from September 12 to 14. Second circuit protection and programmable parameters with the Eberspaecher graphical user interface distinguish the new model.

With the V04290, Eberspaecher launches an integrated high-current BMS. Its secondary protection provides built-in redundancy for critical situations. This offers an extra level of safety for lithium-ion batteries in the event of a malfunction in the primary protection. It ensures that the battery does not deviate from its safe operating range and avoids the risk of fire. The scalable system with 80A continuous free air operation protects four to 16 cells in any battery chemistry. If required, V04290 supports parallel operation helping to increase the duration in which batteries can power the equipment. Passive cell balancing optimizes the battery’s performance in operation while charging. V04290 is ideal for material handling, robotics, e-mobility, industrial and medical applications.

Real-time monitoring and diagnostics

Furthermore, the V04290 is compatible with the Eberspaecher graphical user interface which is designed to always facilitate monitoring and increase the field configurability of the BMS. This provides valuable options and insight into the status and health of the battery systems, helping to ensure efficient operation and maximum battery life. Critical system parameters are monitored and displayed by the GUI via wired CAN connection to a PC, or via Bluetooth to mobile devices. The GUI’s home screen dashboard allows access to all cell level details, event logging, and parameter configuration, including information on the depth of discharge, state-of-charge, state-of-health, voltage, current, power, c‑rate, and other information.

The specialist for reliable and efficient BMS

Eberspaecher Group brings over 20 years of experience in supplying reliable and safe battery protection, fuel gauging, and charging systems for medical, mobility, industrial and energy storage applications. Located in Concord, Ontario Canada the company provides a fully integrated business including R&D, design, supply chain management, manufacturing, testing and applications support. The testing department features proprietary automatic test equipment (ATE) for 100% functional testing. Products range from build-to-print and custom low-voltage integrated to high-voltage distributed systems. Eberspaecher Group has a portfolio of over 500 BMS designs.

SOURCE: Eberspaecher

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