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Eberspaecher Presents Thermal Management Solutions for Bus and Coaches

Thermal Management Solutions for Bus and Coaches

At Prawaas 3.0 in India, Eberspaecher is presenting its broad portfolio of efficient and eco-friendly AC systems for buses and coaches.

At Prawaas 3.0 in Hyderabad (India), Eberspaecher is presenting its broad portfolio of efficient and eco-friendly AC systems for buses and coaches. On August 5 and 6, 2022, visitors to Stand P1.14, Hall 1 are invited to experience the new all-electric air-conditioning system AC135 AE enabling perfect temperatures in every type of large and mid-size buses, among others. The German thermal management expert is also presenting its Clean Air solutions for virus inactivation inside the bus for safer travelling. As one of the sponsors of the trade show, Eberspaecher is underlining the importance of the company’s Asia-Pacific bus and coach business.

Market forecasts show that by 2030, 40 percent of the bus fleet in India will purely consist of BEVs. In this context, the Indian market is considered a pioneer of a global trend: the electrification of public transport with a focus on large cities. To meet the requirements of the market, German-based automotive supplier Eberspaecher has developed an all-electric air-conditioning system for hybrid and battery-electric driven buses for customers especially in India, Middle East and Asia – the AC135 AE platform. This thermal management system for large and mid-size buses comes with an integrated inverter, battery thermal management and customer-specific software. The energy efficient product platform of the AC135 AE is available in different versions providing heating and cooling performance levels from 30 kW to 40 kW. By producing the AC135 AE in Bangalore (India), Eberspaecher is further strengthening the significance of the Indian Eberspaecher plant as a hub for the Asia-Pacific region and supporting the company’s objective of shaping the clean mobility of tomorrow. For clean urban mobility, all-electric bus AC systems from Eberspaecher are already produced in Poland and Mexico to supply the European and American markets.

With the fifth generation of the AC353, thermal management expert Eberspaecher offers an all-purpose inline roof-mounted AC system to be used in intercity buses and coaches in any climate conditions. The AC353-5 comes with an optimized condenser and improved heat exchanger design. That leads to significant reduction of weight, refrigerant (up to 15 %), power and fuel consumption as well as an increased efficiency of the AC system. As with the previous product generation, all performance variants are equipped with the same interface for an easier on-roof installation and reduced roof structures variances. Five product variants with different heating and cooling performance levels allow the use in all regions of the world: The AC353-545 for example is the ideal solution for areas with hot and tropical climate. 

To make travelling by bus and coach safer, Eberspaecher offers its Clean Air solutions to provide complete air purification inside buses: Particulate Filters and the Polarised Media Electronic Air Cleaner in the bus AC system capture contaminated water droplets. UV-C LED modules are the ideal solution to inactivate viruses: 100 percent of the air inside the bus moving through the air-conditioning unit is treated and up to 99.9 percent of this is sterilized by the UV-C LED modules. The modules can be used either inside the roof-mounted air-conditioning system or within the bus air channels. Thus, this solution can be adapted to almost any kind of bus air-conditioning system and is available as a retrofit package.

Prawaas 3.0 aims to bring all the stakeholders from the Bus & Car operator and allied sector on a single platform: For the first time ever, both Public & Private Bus operators will come together to explore possibilities of deeper collaboration and evolving better Public Private Partnership models. The event is organized by Bus & Car Operators Confederation of India (BOCI), a National Apex body of Bus & Car fleet owners and operators and will see a congregation of over 4,000 Bus & Car operators, business visitors and other stakeholders from Pan India.

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