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Easelink and NPX’s Automated Charging Systems Now Operational

Easelink x NXP

Easelink, a high-tech automated charging company in Graz, and NXP Semiconductors have collaborated on a positioning system for

Easelink, a high-tech automated charging company in Graz, and NXP Semiconductors have collaborated on a positioning system for automated charging utilizing UWB (ultra-wideband) technology. Similar to a precise and efficient parking assistance feature, this system ensures electric vehicles are accurately positioned for fully automated charging using Easelink’s Matrix Charging®. This technology is currently employed in the world’s largest project for automated charging of e-taxis in public spaces, demonstrating its successful daily operation.

Details of the joint development

The UWB technology used in the positioning system from NXP and Easelink is already familiar from applications such as digital car keys in selected car models and smartphones. NXP is one of the world’s leading companies in this field. UWB is a wireless technology that securely, precisely, and efficiently estimates the relative positions of two electronic devices. It is particularly suitable for assistance functions such as parking, which is why it has now been integrated into the two Matrix Charging® components (connector on the vehicle underbody and charging pad in the parking space) for precise positioning.

During automated charging with Matrix Charging®, the Connector is lowered from the vehicle underbody near the front axle onto the charging pad on the ground. While approaching the charging Pad on the ground, the position is shown on a display in the vehicle to assist the driver. This display receives the signals via the UWB modules installed in the Matrix Charging® system and shows the driver the optimal parking and charging position.

With UWB modules built into both the vehicle-side connector and the charging pad in the parking space, the distance between the two is measured in real time using time of flight measurements. The exact charging position is shown to the driver on a display inside the vehicle, and the charging process starts immediately after confirmation by clicking on the charging symbol.

We are very impressed by Easelink’s innovative spirit and the development progress they have achieved using our UWB technology. We are working together to seamlessly integrate our UWB technology into intelligent, precise, and efficient mobility applications. The extensive application portfolio ranges from digital car keys to position detection for intelligent and automated charging of electric cars.

Michael Leitner, NXP Semiconductors Austria

Especially when it comes to innovative ideas, it is important to implement them quickly and effectively to keep up with current developments. Both the geographical proximity and the exceptional agility of the two companies are particularly helpful here.

Bernhard Großwindhager, NXP Semiconductors Austria

With NXP, we have an established partner at our side whose secure communication technologies are already used worldwide in the mobility sector. We are delighted that this know-how and the equally established UWB technology are now also being used for the application of fully automated charging of electric cars with Matrix Charging.

Gregor Eckhard, COO of Easelink

Joint development for e-taxis in real operation

To lower emissions and further improve quality of life in the city, Vienna and Graz will be increasingly shifting to e-taxis. As part of the eTaxi Austria project, the world’s largest project for automated charging of e-taxis, Matrix Charging® Pads were installed directly at the taxi stands. Thanks to this automated charging directly at the taxi stands, the e-taxis are charged automatically, without the need to leave the vehicle or make an extra trip to a charging point. 

The jointly developed UWB-based positioning system from NXP and Easelink is already in use here. The eTaxi Austria project will eventually see 60 e-taxis of models Hyundai Ioniq 5 and VW ID.4 equipped with Matrix Charging® in real-life operation, with access to 60 Matrix Charging® pads across 8 locations in Vienna and 2 locations in Graz. The first locations to go into operation in autumn of 2023 included Vorgartenstraße in Vienna and Schillerplatz in Graz. The project will run until March 2025.

SOURCE: Easelink

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