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New Electric Scooter Models With Swappable Battery Features

M PRO e-Scooter

Acton the company to provide amazing, small transportation solutions. Have today launched TOPSWAP the first patented, swappable battery system. The longest-lasting scooters in the industry have become even better.

TOPSWAP is an optional feature on our M PRO scooter lineup. It is designed to be a quick reload for any operator’s charging team, swapping an empty Lithium-Ion battery with a fully charged unit in a matter of seconds. TOPSWAP increases scooter usage, minimizes expenses and overhead and increases active rental inventory significantly. Exclusive to the M PRO, TOPSWAP technology is a game-changer for rideshare operators. Operators will not need to use Juicers or carry a huge operation team to pull scooters off the street to get charged.

I’m very excited to release our new swappable battery technology for our sharable scooters, the TOPSWAP! TOPSWAP has brought the best possible business model to the sharing industry. Imagine not having to bring your whole fleet back at the end of every night. What if you didn’t have to spend as much on warehouses, technicians, juicers or vans that load in vehicles? What if your whole operation suddenly became streamlined so that you could really start making some money for your business? We already make the longest-lasting scooters in the industry, and now they’ve become even better. Give us a call to let us know how we can serve you.”

– Peter Treadway, CTO and Co-Founder of ACTON

The M PRO is the first e-scooter designed specifically for fleet purposes. The scooter’s engineered for durability and built with premium materials, lowering the cost of maintenance and service. With a 30+ mile range, an IP rating of IP66, and a 12,000-mile lifespan, our industrial-grade scooters offer comfortable and confident rides with its extended chassis, front fork suspension and robust body. The M PRO withstands any urban environment and rides like a pro. 

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