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DYNEM Begins Construction of World’s Largest Electric Cycle Gigafactory


In 2017, the leading global phone manufacturer initiated phone assembly operations in India. Subsequently, the company has made notable progress, steadily transitioning more of its manufacturing activities to the country. It’s reported that India now accounts for 20% of its global production, with exports valued at $10 billion.

Tech-giant and leading American EV manufacturer too are reported to be seeking a site for its $3 billion factory in India. They’ve been scouting for locations in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

With all critical elements in place, like working population, infrastructure, intellectual capital, and more, India is showing huge manufacturing potential. India is ready to host the ‘World’s Biggest E-cycle Integrated Gigafactory’ named DYNEM.

Spanning across four phases of development and an initial manufacturing capacity of 500,000 e-bikes annually, DYNEM is expected to manufacture EV components like batteries, motors, displays, and chargers in-house starting August 2024. In line with industry 4.0 standards and built on Gen-2 platforms, the gigafactory is slated to amp up production to 4X by the end of its 4-year completion. 

“DYNEM is strategically poised to serve as a one-stop e-solution for U.S. and European e-bike companies. With advanced battery technology, cutting-edge motor systems, and comprehensive logistical support, we ensure that we meet the expansive needs of these markets with precision and reliability,” said Rajib Gangopadhyay, Co-Founder and Corporate Strategist, EMotorad.

India has the least amount of import duties, customs, and tariff for importers from Europe and the USA, which go as low as 0 to 2.5%. DYNEM’s potential to allow e-bike companies to find manufacturers with low tariff and legal anti-dumping solutions that give an edge to e-bike companies procuring from India.

DYNEM is a complete e-bike manufacturer that provides drive train solutions, including an initial production capacity of 500,000 e-bikes per year or battery, motor, display and charger to meet the exact requirements and the spares.

DYNEM is set to be the biggest integrated e-bike factory in the world. While most manufacturers produce one component at scale, the combination of all elements and mechanical components of an e-bike makes them poised to gain substantial market share in the global e-bike landscape.

SOURCE: EMotorad

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