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ALYI Targets EV Battery Cost & Driving Range Tipping Point Contributions

Driving Range Tipping Point

Alternet Systems, are targeting battery cost and driving range tipping point contributions alongside GM and Tesla.

Alternet Systems, Inc. (USOTC: ALYI), are targeting battery cost and driving range tipping point contributions alongside GM and Tesla as they recognising that that battery cost and driving range are key factors in clearing the way to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Recent battery technology advances are now bringing the EV industry close to a wide spread adoption “tipping point”.

With ALYI’s primary focus currently on electric motorcycles, the battery hurdles are lower.  Nevertheless, ALYI’s electric mobility vision reaches well beyond electric motorcycles and the ALYI design team expects ALYI will make its own contributions to battery cost reduction and increased driving range.

The EV industry is eagerly anticipating Tesla’s “Battery Day” news scheduled for release at its annual shareholder meeting on September 22nd, 2020.

GM has a partnership with LG to produce low cost Ultium batteries.  Now GM has a separate partnership with Nikola to engineer and manufacture Nikola’s Badger hydrogen/electric pickup truck.

GM, Tesla, LG and Nikola are only a handful of the parties working to advance EV battery technology.  Volkswagen, Samsung and Panasonic, to name only a few, all have battery initiatives in the works to impact battery cost reductions and driving range increases.

ALYI’s battery innovations will be one topic included in the company’s industrial design team presentation this Friday, September 11, 2020. 

The ALYI award winning design team with over 200 patentable claims will be introduced Friday to feature ALYI’s future electric vehicle design momentum stemming from lessons learned through work on ALYI’s Rideshare ReVolt Electric Motorcycle designed to augment the current Sub-Saharan motorcycle taxi (boda boda) market capacity and in the long-term, evolve the entire motorcycle fleet into a safer and environmentally sustainable ecosystem.

ALYI’s battery innovation progress is setting the company’s Rideshare ReVolt Electric Motorcycle apart from its competitors and could generate its own revenue stream.

ALYI Management anticipates the company’s groundbreaking electric vehicle battery innovation progress could generate an independent stream of revenue adding to the company’s current $300 million in projected electric vehicle revenue. 

The team will carefully touch on the current ReVolt Electric Motorcycle version keeping most current design features under wraps pending the launch of production.  The larger purpose of the presentation is to demonstrate the overall design capabilities and experience behind ALYI’s current and future electric mobility innovations.

ALYI’s electric mobility focus in Sub-Saharan Africa is founded on bringing environmentally sustainable transportation resources to a region where per capita transportation infrastructure is substantially under resourced. At the same time, ALYI intends to develop and deploy the subject sustainable transportation solution in a manner that optimizes the economic benefit to the local economy.

The Rideshare ReVolt Electric Motorcycle is just the starting place for ALYI’s long-term electric mobility vision.  Instead of designing specific future products in an isolated lab, ALYI has designed a process to bring a community of stakeholders together with ALYI’s own design team to collectively contribute to the future of electric mobility in Sub-Sharan Africa and beyond.

To motivate and inspire collaboration in a rational electric mobility evolutionary process, ALYI has architected an annual electric mobility symposium and conference around an electric auto race as an anchor event.  The annual event will generate revenue contributing to the local economy, at the same time contributing to the evolutionary development of future electric mobility innovations.  The expense of research and development will at least be offset by revenue from the annual event and potentially, research and development may become a profit center.

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