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DG Matrix and Natron Energy Form Strategic Partnership for EV Fast Chargers

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DG Matrix, Inc., a worldwide leader in high-power, high-efficiency multi-port electric vehicle (EV) chargers, and Natron Energy, Inc., a

DG Matrix, Inc., a worldwide leader in high-power, high-efficiency multi-port electric vehicle (EV) chargers, and Natron Energy, Inc., a global leader in sodium-ion battery manufacturing, have unveiled a strategic partnership agreement aimed at expediting the market deployment of EV fast charging infrastructure.

The DG Matrix multi-port EV charger, designed to integrate seamlessly with diverse power sources, will incorporate Natron’s Prussian blue sodium-ion batteries for enhanced capabilities in battery safety, performance and sustainability.

The partnership represents a comprehensive solution for sustainable EV charging. By partnering with Natron, DG Matrix ensures that its EV fast charger deployments use advanced sodium-ion battery chemistry with high peak-power capacity, fast charge and discharge capabilities and enhanced cycle life. Natron has the only UL-listed sodium-ion battery in production on the market, making it one of the safest battery technologies available, enhancing global ease of deployment.

This multi-year agreement creates the framework for DG Matrix and Natron to push the EV fast charger market from hundreds of MWhs in 2024 to several GWhs of installations by 2027 and sets a new standard in efficiency, sustainability and deployment speed, while prioritizing safety and reliability.

“The DG Matrix multi-port EV fast charger using Natron BluePack™ sodium-ion batteries is not only sustainable, but also highly cost effective,” said Haroon Inam, CEO of DG Matrix. “Its industry-leading efficiency, power density, speed and ease of deployment offer the best overall total cost of ownership. Companies that use our platform can accelerate EV charger deployment, improve vehicle turnaround, reduce grid connection charges and take advantage of important tax credits provided by federal legislation. We look forward to collaborating with Natron as they continue to roll out their advanced chemistry sodium-ion batteries.”

“Natron is pleased to partner with DG Matrix,” said Jack Pouchet, VP of Sales and marketing for Natron Energy. “This relationship is the natural pairing of the two highest-power, highest-efficiency technologies creating a best performance value proposition for the industry. We look forward to working closely with the DG Matrix team as they roll out EV fast charger systems across the country and around the globe.”


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