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Devtank Ltd Announce Major Project with Smart Manufacturing Data Hub

Devtank SMDH Partnership

Devtank Ltd are delighted to announce a major project with the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub. This project will enable

Devtank Ltd are delighted to announce a major project with the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub. This project will enable businesses nationwide to receive a holistic package of business energy monitoring assets and data insights. Using our innovative sensors will enable the smart collection of data to support decarbonisation steps and reduce operating costs.

The sensors in particular will be from our OpenSmartMonitor range including our latest incarnation of ENV-01. This will monitor; humidity, sound levels, light levels, temperature, air quality, electricity usage, machine tool utilisation, gases and liquid flows. Live data will be streamed to a secure visual dashboard that the customer can access 24/7.

This project aims to enable and equip UK small and medium enterprises with the tools to decarbonise, reduce costs, and improve performance and sustainability. It is a funded opportunity to receive these tools and training to get started on a sustainable journey. Devtank will provide training through online videos and video call training sessions. These will detail; how to set up the sensors, how to utilise the data collected, what different parameters mean to your business, and why/how to continue monitoring after seeing improvements.

Data for each sensor will be anonymously sent to the data analyst team at SMDH in order to mine it for useful energy insights, benchmarking and machine learning to provide customer feedback and suggest improvements to operational efficiency. If you wish to register your early interest and see if you are eligible to partake in this project, please follow the links below

We are very grateful to the team at the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub for getting this project on the road and we hope to see many of you sign up for the benefit of your companies.

“Helping our customers solve problems is at the core of our business and the journey starts with monitoring what you have already in order to make informed decisions” – Tim Telford (CEO)

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