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Danlaw Inc. Acquires Cohda Wireless

Cohda Wireless

Danlaw, Inc., a leading innovator in Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology, is excited to declare its acquisition of Cohda Wireless, a

Danlaw, Inc., a leading innovator in Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology, is excited to declare its acquisition of Cohda Wireless, a prominent company based in Australia. This strategic step signifies a significant achievement in Danlaw’s global expansion strategy, focused on advancing connected vehicle safety and smart city solutions. Cohda Wireless, acknowledged for its state-of-the-art V2X technology solutions since 2004, has consistently set industry standards. The acquisition underscores Danlaw’s dedication to innovation and a shared vision of shaping a more connected and secure future for vehicles, cities, and underground mining operations.

The synergies between Danlaw and Cohda will yield remarkable results in the V2X technology landscape. By aligning the strengths, resources, and expertise of both companies, this acquisition will accelerate the development and delivery of a suite of comprehensive solutions for connected vehicle safety, and smart city applications.

Key benefits of the Danlaw-Cohda partnership include:

Enhanced Safety Solutions: With a broader range of technologies and expertise, Danlaw and Cohda will continue to provide increasingly robust safety solutions for connected vehicles, reducing accidents and saving lives.

Improved Connectivity & Location Accuracy: The integration of Cohda’s V2X-Locate technology along with its ETSI, North American, and China based V2X communication stacks, will offer better positioning accuracy and connectivity solutions for vehicles, enabling real-time communication between vehicles and infrastructure, pedestrians, and other road users.

Smart City Advancements: The partnership will lead to the development of innovative smart city solutions, facilitating more efficient traffic management, reduced congestion, and enhanced urban planning on a global scale.

Accelerated Innovation: Danlaw’s commitment to innovation will be further bolstered with access to Cohda’s talent pool and industry leading V2X intellectual property, fostering the creation of groundbreaking V2X technology solutions for automotive OEMs, smart city initiatives and underground mining programs.

Global Footprint: Combining Danlaw’s strong presence in North America and India with Cohda’s well-established reach in Europe and APAC, the acquisition notably reinforces the global footprint of both companies, leading to localized assistance and solutions across all key regions, ensuring a truly global and responsive partnership.

Raju Dandu, Danlaw’s Founder-Chairman said, “This is truly exciting for the Danlaw family, as we see the combination of resources of these two great companies, ushering in new levels of transportation safety and efficiency, with the potential to transform mobility across the globe for the betterment of society.”

Further to Raju’s comment, Danlaw’s CEO, Tom Rzeznik stated, “This acquisition is a testament to Danlaw’s dedication to creating a safer and smarter future for transportation and urban environments. With Cohda’s expertise on board, we are confident that our combined efforts will accelerate advancements in V2X technology.”

Dr. Paul Gray, Cohda’s CEO added, “We are thrilled to join forces with Danlaw, a company that shares our global commitment and passion for innovation and safety. Together, we are poised to lead the way in V2X technology and make a lasting impact on the industry.”

This acquisition affirms Danlaw’s commitment to maintaining and enhancing the quality of service and support that Cohda’s existing customers have come to expect.  The acquisition of Cohda by Danlaw is effective immediately, and both companies are working closely to leverage their combined strengths for the benefit of the automotive industry, smart cities, and mining operations.

SOURCE: Danlaw Inc.

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