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Corvus Energy Wins Norwegian Tech Award 2024

corvus energy tech awards winner

Corvus has announced that the company has received the prestigious Norwegian Technology Award 2024.

Corvus has announced that the company has received the prestigious Norwegian Technology Award 2024.

The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Cecilie Myrseth, presented the Norwegian Tech Award to Corvus Energy during Kongsberg Agenda, Norway’s most important technology festival. The award has been presented since 2000 by the Norwegian engineering publication Teknisk Ukeblad. “We are so proud of this huge achievement,” says a very happy Thor Humerfelt, EVP & Project Director. 

“This award represents all the hard work from our amazing and dedicated employees in Norway, in Canada, in the US and around the globe. Thank you to the jury and the people for recognizing our hard work and mission to power a clean future in the ocean space,” ends Humerfelt. 

The Norwegian Tech Award is an annual award given to a company or project that represents an excellent engineering solution or a breakthrough in a technological or societal problem. An independent jury selects the winner, but the people also had the possibility to vote upfront for their favorite through the websites of Teknisk Ukeblad. 

Corvus Energy was nominated with five other great companies, including Aker Carbon Capture, Hycast, Hydrovolt, Zeabuz, and ZEG Power. In the end, both the jury and the people chose Corvus Energy as the winner of this prestigious award. Corvus joins the list of previous winners such as Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, Cognite, Nordic Semiconductor, Zivid, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Disruptive Technologies, and Zaptec. 

The Jury’s Evaluation: 

“The winner represents forward-looking technology and a business model. The company has demonstrated the ability to commercialize technology based on research and development. Through close collaboration with local companies and clusters, the company has shown the ability to take the environment seriously – on all levels. The company has scalable technology that contributes to reducing emissions internationally. The company has made significant progress within a traditionally conservative customer group and has proven through several hundred projects that the technology works. Through digitization and expansion of the business models, the company contributes to significant savings – both economically and in terms of emissions. The winner is Corvus Energy.” 

Since 2009, Corvus Energy has been the leading manufacturer of energy storage systems for maritime applications. They also supply hydrogen fuel cells based on Toyota technology. Corvus Energy continues to lead the industry with 1200+ installations utilizing a Corvus ESS, now totaling over 1000 MWh and 10 million system operating hours. 

“Congratulations to the team on this amazing award! Decarbonization of shipping has reached a new level and the market is growing at record speed. This award is a true inspiration for us to keep developing the best and most optimized solutions for reaching net zero,» comments a proud Fredrik Witte, CEO of Corvus Energy.

SOURCE: Corvus Energy 

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