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Citroën’s New Limited Edition “My Ami Buggy” Sold Out in a Few Hours

My Ami Buggy

The 800 units of My Ami Buggy dedicated for the online sale were sold out on the internet in just 10 hours on Tuesday, 20th June.

Citroën‘s new limited edition “My Ami Buggy” went on sale online in 8 countries starting from 11 a.m. on Tuesday, 20th June.  More than 20,000 visits were made to the selling site, and the 800 units of this new My Ami Buggy series intended for the online sale were snapped up in just 10 hours.

While in 2022 only 50 units were available, what’s more only in France, in 2023 the 800 units of the new edition were proposed in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, the UK, Luxembourg and Greece. The remaining 200 of the 1,000 available in 2023 will be sold at retail outlets during the summer in Turkey, Morocco and the French overseas departments and territories.

In France, 430 My Ami Buggy were sold out in just over 2 hours, with a peak of 300 sales per hour!  The enthusiasm for My Ami Buggy following the success of the previous version is confirmed.

In Belgium, it took just 9 minutes to sell out the 65 My Ami Buggies allocated to the country, beating the 17 minutes and 28 seconds it took to sell the 50 units of 2022 in France.

In Spain, one customer holds the record for being the fastest to complete the entire digital purchasing process. It took him 1 minute and 10 seconds to buy his My Ami Buggy. A record beaten by 1 minute and 43 seconds compared with last year! In June 2022, it took the fastest customer 2 minutes and 53 seconds to select the exclusive version of Ami, confirm the order, choose the delivery method and make payment.

My Ami Buggy promises its buyers to enjoy their leisure activities in a relaxed, stylish and cheerful way. It makes micro-journeys easier thanks to its ease of use and conveys a feeling of adventure and freedom, while staying on the beaten track.

My Ami Buggy stands out for its lack of doors, its removable roof and its khaki colour. It’s got an adventurous character with its wheel arches, its front and rear bumpers and its golden wheel rims. The bright yellow of the decorations and accessories, combined with a new sun visor, gives it a fresh, dynamic look.

This new version comes with exclusive additional accessories, such as transparent door covers to protect occupants from the elements, a removable bag positioned in the centre of the steering wheel to store small everyday objects, and an “Ultimate Ears Boom” Bluetooth speaker to accompany the most beautiful moments in music which can be easily taken anywhere. New black door and roof frames enhance the exterior finish.

Delivery of “My Ami Buggy” will start at the beginning of September.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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