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Cellula Robotics Appoints Neil Manning as New CEO

Neil Manning Appointed as CEO of Cellula Robotics

Cellula Robotics Ltd., a renowned pioneer in fuel cell-driven autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) systems worldwide, has announced the

Cellula Robotics Ltd., a renowned pioneer in fuel cell-driven autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) systems worldwide, has announced the promotion of Neil Manning from Corporate Development Officer to Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This deliberate shift underscores Manning’s outstanding leadership attributes and the firm’s trust in his capacity to propel its mission and vision forward.

Neil Manning joined Cellula Robotics Ltd. Initially as Corporate Development Officer, bringing with him over 30 years of invaluable experience in the Submarine Telecommunications, Offshore Wind, and Oil & Gas industries. Throughout his tenure, Manning has demonstrated outstanding strategic acumen and a deep commitment to advancing the company’s goals.

“Neil’s appointment as CEO marks a milestone chapter in Cellula’s journey,” said Eric Jackson, President of Cellula Robotics Ltd. “His excellent leadership skills, combined with his extensive industry knowledge, have already made a significant impact on our organization. We are excited that Neil is now positioned to lead Cellula into a new era of innovation and growth.”

During his time as Corporate Development Officer, Neil Manning played a pivotal role in shaping Cellula’s strategic direction, driving business development initiatives and fostering key partnerships. His unparalleled expertise in identifying market opportunities and delivering innovative solutions has been instrumental in positioning Cellula as a leader in the subsea technology sector.

“I’m honored to build on Cellula’s 20-year pedigree in marine engineering and autonomous systems, however the team experience extends much longer than that. Eric Jackson our founder and now President has put his trust in me to uphold our core values which I take is a great privilege” remarked Neil Manning. “Since joining the company, I have been continually impressed by the innovation and talent of our team, as well as the tremendous potential of our technology. Cellula is truly onto something special with its approach to long duration subsea autonomous vehicles, leveraging the benefits of utilising hydrogen fuel cells. This method of generating power offers a higher density approach to energy storage over battery-only systems. This innovation will change the current restrictions of manageable-size autonomous platforms, offering the required endurance to be viable for over the horizon projects – and now it’s time to commercialise it. I am excited to lead Cellula as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and make meaningful contributions to the security, exploration and sustainability of our oceans.”

Under Neil Manning’s leadership, Cellula Robotics Ltd. is poised to build upon its strong foundation and accelerate its growth trajectory. With a focus on driving innovation, expanding market presence, and delivering exceptional solutions to customers, Cellula remains committed to redefining the paradigm of underwater security.

SOURCE: Cellula Robotics

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