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Carrar and Gentherm Partner to Deliver Two-Phase Immersion Thermal Management for EV Battery Modules

Two-Phase Immersion Thermal Management for EV Battery Modules

The first-of-their-kind modules will fully manage and control the immersion liquid, vapor, and internal pressure during all vehicle positions and operating states.

Carrar, a developer of thermal management solutions for electric vehicles, has partnered with Gentherm, the global market leader of innovative thermal management and pneumatic comfort technologies for the automotive industry and a leader in medical patient temperature management systems, enable the delivery of electric vehicle (EV) battery modules with two-phase immersion thermal management solution that fully control liquid level, vapor, and pressure at all times.

Gentherm will supply the valves that enable the thermal management system to control the levels of liquid and vapor and pressure inside the battery modules and packs, whether the vehicle is traveling at high speed, over challenging terrains, or undergoing ultrafast charging.

Carrar’s two-phase immersion technology keeps the temperature of EV batteries stable at any ambient temperature through ultrafast charging, extending battery lifetime, extending driving range and acceleration, and improving safety by preventing thermal runaway.

“This partnership marks a step forward in delivering two-phase thermal management for electric vehicles,” says Avinoam Rubinstain, CEO of Carrar. “With an experienced team in manufacturing thermal products and precision valves for the automotive industry, Gentherm is renowned for its commitment to excellence and brings unparalleled expertise to this joint development.”

“The collaboration strengthens our strategic partnership in co-product development, Go-to-Market, and investment,” adds Mr. Rubinstain. “This is part of our strong partnerships with leading Tier 1 and OEMs in the automotive space.

“These joint efforts represent a significant milestone in the evolution of electric vehicles,” stated Thomas Stocker, Gentherm’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Europe Automotive, Global Pneumatic Comfort and Battery Performance Solutions, and Managing Director of Europe. “Our collaboration will enable Carrar to deliver high-quality and robust battery modules built to be manufactured at scale. With twice the expected lifetime of standard battery modules, our combined solution contributes significantly to sustainability by reducing the production of replacement EV batteries. This collaboration delivers an advanced thermal solution that meets the growing demand for safe, efficient, and sustainable electric vehicles.”

The combined battery modules will adhere to all European and American EV sustainability and safety standards.

Carrar and Gentherm will demonstrate their combined solution at the Battery Show, which will take place in Stuttgart on May 23-25. The demonstration can be viewed at the Carrar/Gentherm booth # 8-D70.

SOURCE: Carrar

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