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Canoo & University of Wisconsin-Madison Partner on Next-Gen EV Technologies

Next-Gen EV Technologies

Canoo, a company developing breakthrough electric vehicles, and University of Wisconsin-Madison partner on next-generation EV technologies.

Canoo Inc, a company developing breakthrough electric vehicles, is partnering with the University of Wisconsin-Madison to accelerate advances in electric vehicle technologies while lowering the overall cost of owning an electric vehicle.

In May 2021, the two organizations signed a memorandum of understanding through which they will collaborate toward the development of a Canoo research center at UW-Madison. The center will advance research in electric propulsion technologies with a goal of increasing electric vehicle utility while reducing burdens on finite natural resources. The partnership intends to create a leading pipeline for propulsion technology as well as on and off-grid operations.

Canoo is known for its innovative, future-forward functional designs, with a lifestyle vehicle, a delivery van and a pickup truck. Canoo is driven by the mission to bring electric vehicles to everyone, and built for adventurers, families, tradespeople and small business owners. The company focuses on building productivity solutions that spans owners across the full vehicle lifecycle. With a revolutionary modular electric multipurpose platform, Canoo delivers maximum space utility, and performance on a small footprint. Its flexible vehicles meet a wide range of use cases for consumers and businesses and build in customization for every owner—whether the first, fourth or beyond.

UW-Madison’s College of Engineering is leading the effort on behalf of the university. In addition to a research partnership, Canoo will develop a talent pipeline through internships and other opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students that will focus on real-world research and technology development.

“We are launching a multi-university research and development program designed to further critical research and catalyze innovation to support the manufacture of electric vehicles. This program will enhance U.S. competitiveness and benefit the entire industry while simultaneously advancing our IP,” says Canoo Chairman and CEO Tony Aquila. “We are committed to our first research center with UW-Madison to drive groundbreaking advances in electric vehicles—advances that enable us to execute on our mission to bring EVs to everyone.”

UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank says the partnership underscores the benefits of tapping talent at a world-class research university. “I’m delighted to welcome this partnership with Canoo. In recent years, a number of industry partners have opened research centers on campus and nearby in Madison,” she says. “This new model allows for greater engagement with students, stronger connections to leading faculty and cutting-edge research, and access to state-of-the-art university equipment and resources.”

University of Wisconsin System President Tommy G. Thompson says it is an example of the Wisconsin Idea. “The UW System is the state’s largest economic engine and the agreement marks another great opportunity to use UW-Madison’s world-class research to drive innovation that changes lives for the better,” he says. “I am pleased to have facilitated this partnership with Canoo.”

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