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Canoo Selects Google Cloud Technologies to Maximize Data in Their EV Fleet

maximize the value of the data

Canoo Technologies have selected Google Cloud as its primary cloud service provider. Canoo will deploy a range of Google Cloud’s AI, data management, and security technologies to maximize the value of data coming from its electric vehicles as the company prepares to start mass manufacturing. Canoo has also selected Onix as an implementation partner to help optimize Canoo’s manufacturing processes, enhance existing features, and empower development of new capabilities for its proprietary platform.

“We see a future where mobile transportation, communication, and technology align to make life easier and simpler for those who drive our vehicles,” says Tony Aquila, Chairman and CEO, Canoo. “Our selection of Google Cloud and Onix means we have partners capable of bringing us infrastructure, tools and expertise to realize our vision. We believe that simplicity, seamlessness, connectivity and integrated solutions is the new world for mobile transportation.”

Canoo stands out in the automotive industry, as it has spent years building a vehicle and technical platform from the ground up, owned and controlled by the company. While many other companies integrate thousands of third-party parts into their vehicles, Canoo’s unique manufacturing approach includes acquiring custom and bespoke components from other manufacturers to integrate into a harmonized, Canoo-controlled system. This gives the company more data and insights into its vehicles and data.

Canoo will use Google Cloud’s AI capabilities to surface trend data in vehicle fleets, providing fleet managers with information like whether vehicles need specific repairs, when route changes are happening due to road closures, or where efficiencies to driver schedules can be made.

“Canoo is charting the future of mobility with its forward-looking thinking and boundary-pushing designs,” said Carrie Tharp, VP of Strategic Industries, Google Cloud. “Canoo has a broad and deep view of how technology works and the way it can transform industries. We’re proud that it sees the same breadth and depth in Google Cloud’s technologies and are excited to see how it capitalizes on the data and AI portfolio we offer.”

“Onix is thrilled to partner with Canoo and Google Cloud to accelerate our aligned mission of delivering sustainable, secure, and innovative solutions. This is a strategic partnership and Onix will support Canoo on this journey by leveraging our Data & AI, and Google Cloud capabilities. We applaud Canoo’s focus on manufacturing in America’s heartland and will support their engagement using our global delivery model and nearshore co-development facility at Canoo’s neighbouring locations in Oklahoma with the objective of hiring and developing local talent pool,” says Sanjay Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Onix.

Canoo’s selection of Google Cloud’s technology was based on a variety of factors, but importantly came down to its ability to practically deploy innovative AI tools, and Google Cloud’s expertise in helping companies maximize the value of their data. In addition, Google Cloud’s commitment to data sovereignty, security, and sustainability is closely aligned with Canoo’s needs and values.

Canoo and Google Cloud plan to further discuss their partnership at Google Cloud Next, held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif., from Aug. 29-31, 2023. Conference attendees will also have a special opportunity to experience Canoo’s electric vehicle in person.


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