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Canoo Collaborates with Pawnee Nation to Promote Clean Technology Job Creation


Canoo Technologies unveiled its partnership with the Pawnee Nation, aimed at discovering and fostering

Canoo Technologies unveiled its partnership with the Pawnee Nation, headquartered in Pawnee, Oklahoma, aimed at discovering and fostering emerging business ventures and employment prospects within Oklahoma’s expanding clean energy sector.

“Our decision to locate our manufacturing in Oklahoma was driven in part by opportunities to work with tribal nations and others to further diversify local economies and to help create good jobs for working people in a dynamic emerging industry,” says Tony Aquila, Chairman and CEO, Canoo.  “Under this agreement, the Pawnee Nation and Canoo will work together to train workers and develop suppliers for Oklahoma’s growing clean energy industry.”

“We are excited to partner with Canoo and to continue to expand our business and economic development ventures,” said Pawnee Nation President Misty M. Nuttle.  “This partnership brings diversification for us as we engage in industries we currently have not explored. We are enlivened to be on the frontier of energy and renewable energy opportunities and as stewards of our tribal and trust lands and natural resources, felt it is our duty to engage in the most responsible efforts and initiatives, so our resources remain available for future generations. We felt Canoo, through their knowledge and experience within the clean energy industry, shared this same vision. Their willingness to assist the Nation in enhancing our efforts to meet the needs of people has shown us that we are embarking on a true partnership.”

The agreement between the Pawnee Nation and Canoo is focused on four areas, Aquila says. First, building workforce skills in zero-emission vehicles and other clean energy technologies. Second, developing qualified suppliers of parts and services needed for the zero-emission vehicle industry. Third, supporting STEM education by connecting Pawnee students to internships and employment opportunities in clean energy fields. And finally, the Pawnee Nation will place an initial order for Canoo vehicles that will be built in Oklahoma.

Pawnee Business Council Vice President, Jordan Kanuho said about the partnership with Canoo, “The Pawnee Nation believes that partnerships are key to tackling the challenges we face when it comes to issues such as climate change and diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workforce, education, and training.  Through recent partnerships with our Pawnee Nation Infrastructure Taskforce professionals and organizations such as Tribuquent, the University of Oklahoma, and the Pawnee Nation College, we have begun exploring innovative ways to repurpose oil wells on our lands for the use of geothermal energy along with photovoltaic technologies to produce clean energy on our tribal lands.”

Canoo said it believes this agreement is the first-of-its-kind with the Pawnee Nation and any business involved in clean tech or clean energy, such as manufacturing electric vehicles. The Pawnee Nation is focused on the continued development of its alternative fuel energy strategy and shift toward electrification within its community. Kanuho added, “This exciting partnership with Canoo will build on the work we’re currently doing in clean energy while at the same time, offering great opportunities to our tribal citizens in the area of workforce development, supporting STEM, and inspiring the next generation of Pawnee scientists and engineers by connecting students to internships, apprenticeships, and employment opportunities in clean energy technology fields.  We see that Canoo is doing some amazing things in the clean energy sector, and we’re excited to partner with them in this wonderful opportunity”.


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