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BYD Officially Release the E-Platform 3.0 for Electric Vehicles

E-Platform 3.0

BYD have officially released the e-platform 3.0 for electric vehicles at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, also debuting the X DREAM concept car and all-new EA1, while officially launching its super-hybrid flagship 2021 Tang DM-i.

The e-platform 3.0 is designed for the next generation of high-performance smart EVs offering four major advantages: intelligence, efficiency, safety, and aesthetics. It not only further integrates and standardizes core components, but also builds a brand-new body structure, digital and electrical architecture, and a revamped BYD vehicle operating system. The e-platform 3.0 will continue to be open to the industry, further accelerating the electrification of automobiles.

While BYD’s new EA1 model marks the official opening of its all brand new “e” product series, and the X DREAM concept car continues the “Dragon Face” design language, integrating Chinese elements more closely into the innovative design. In addition, the all-new flagship Tang DM-i, sets the benchmark for energy efficiency in China’s SUV market, thanks to the DM-i hybrid system with fuel consumption as low as 1.4 gallons per 60 miles.

e-platform 3.0, the cradle for the next generation of EVs

The e-platform 3.0 comes with smart genes, enjoying the core advantages of intelligence, efficiency, safety, and aesthetics.

When it comes to intelligence, the e-platform 3.0 comes with BYD’s self-developed vehicle operating system, making it expandable, upgradeable, and fully open to developers. It delivers better interaction between the vehicle and people, as well as vehicles and other things on the road, bringing electric cars even greater autonomous driving capabilities. At the same time, the iteration speed of the new functions can be shortened from two months to two weeks, which means the function iteration cycle can be shortened by more than 70%.

With regards to efficiency, the e-platform 3.0’s key modules are smaller, lighter, stronger, and lower energy consumption. It is equipped with a new heat pump technology as standard, and a newly upgraded 8-in-1 module for the drive system, allowing the overall efficiency to exceed 89%. An electric vehicle equipped with the e-platform 3.0 takes just 2.9 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph, with a comprehensive cruising range of up to 600 miles. With 800V fast charging technology, an electric vehicle can be charged for just 5 minutes to give it a range of 90 miles, while power consumption per 100 kilometers is reduced by 10%, and the cruising range is 10% longer in winter.

In terms of safety, the ultra-safe Blade Battery is the standard configuration of the e-platform 3.0, vastly improve the integrity of pure EVs as one of the industry’s safest power batteries. This is also integrated into the vehicle’s structural design, doubling the torsional stiffness of the body.

When it comes to aesthetics, the e-platform 3.0 models redefine the design aesthetics of vehicles, with shorter front overhangs, wider wheelbase, lower center of gravity, more space, sense of movement and dynamics, as well as a drag coefficient (Cd) as low as 0.21.

In 2018, BYD announced the e-platform solution for the first time, and this latest version continues to deepen the use of original technologies, completely releases the potential of intelligent electrification, making it truly the “cradle for the next generation of electric vehicles”, while providing an excellent basic solution for the industry’s smart EVs.

Before this, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and Didi Chuxing have partnered with BYD to develop EVs, and e-platform 3.0 will continue to be open to the entire industry. In the near future, EV based on e-platform 3.0 will be used across the market.

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