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bp pulse Appoints Jumptech for Even Faster Expansion of the UK EV Market

bp pulse Appoints Jumptech

bp pulse appoints Jumptech to help drive business growth as it gears up for even faster expansion of the UK electric vehicle market

bp pulse has signed a contract with software provider Jumptech to use its charge point installation platform to help drive business growth as it gears up for even faster expansion of the UK electric vehicle market.

The Jumptech platform helps to streamline EV charge point installations by simplifying processes and improving information flows to and from the customer and as part of bp pulse operations. The principal use of the platform within bp pulse will be for Homecharge applications, enabling customers to supply information about their property and desired installation more easily, including any required imagery, before sending it back to our team of advisors who will then be able to progress the application as quickly as possible.

The platform also automatically generates all the documents for the government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme grant and the relevant form for the customer’s local distribution network.

For bp pulse, the platform will centralise existing processes, from scheduling installations for specific Homecharge electricians, to ensuring that all necessary information and images are captured for compliance purposes via the Jumptech mobile app.

The deployment of the platform within bp pulse will extend beyond Homecharge and it will be used to assist with the installation and maintenance of the public charging network, as the company plans to expand from 7,000 public charge points today to 16,000 by 2030, including 1,400 ultra-fast chargers.

bp pulse is the only UK company operating across the value chain in every segment of the EV charging industry, including commercial charge point installations and field service activity, both of which will also benefit from the Jumptech software.

Matteo de Renzi, CEO of bp pulse, said: “We have already seen over 100,000 electric vehicles registered in 2020, and we could see triple that in 2021. We have already successfully installed more than 60,000 home charging points to date and working with Jumptech will help us to hit 100,000 and beyond. We are focused on helping to make owning and driving an electric vehicle easier and the Jumptech platform will help us to make our customer journey as seamless as possible.”

Jumptech founder Phil Nunn, said: “As the number of charge points being installed continues to ramp up, the need for integrated streamlined processes between all parties is essential. We’re looking forward to enabling bp pulse to realise the benefits and efficiencies that adopting the Jumptech platform will bring across their business and for their partners.”

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