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BorgWarner Celebrates Production of 1,000,000th Inverter and 13,500,000th Viper Power Switch

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Suzhou facility produces its 1,000,000th inverter and the Singapore facility produces its 13,500,000th Viper power switch.

BorgWarner, a global leader in delivering innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for the vehicle market, recently announced major milestones at two of its production facilities. Its Suzhou facility produced its 1,000,000th inverter, while its Singapore facility produced its 13,500,000th Viper power switch. These milestones underscore BorgWarner’s strong capabilities in innovation and production as well as its Charging Forward strategy to drive the trend of electrification in the global automotive industry.  

 “We are proud of these milestones that our facilities have achieved. This emphasizes the superior performance and premium quality that our e-drive products deliver and, also showcases our employees’ teamwork and professionalism,” said Dr. Stefan Demmerle, President and General Manager, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems. “Moving forward, we will continue to invest in innovation and development for new high-value product technologies, optimal production processes, and satisfied customers.”

BorgWarner’s Singapore facility began producing small batches of the first-generation of Viper power switches in 2014. Since then, its production capacity has expanded rapidly, and it has continuously added new, integrated products on its journey to reaching 13,500,000 Viper power switches, which are core to BorgWarner’s inverters.  Meanwhile, the company’s Suzhou facility has produced more than 1 million inverters since September 2017 when the very first inverter rolled off its line, proving that the facility is producing at scale for New Energy Vehicles. As a result of the plant’s success, the Suzhou Plant Phase II has been launched to expand its inverter production capacity through the addition of Viper manufacturing capability, making the facility BorgWarner’s second largest Viper production site around the globe after the Singapore site. Together, BorgWarner’s Suzhou and Singapore facilities will tap into their respective business potential to address customer and market needs at a faster and more efficient pace.

BorgWarner’s innovative inverters are the first product of its kind to apply a silicon carbide power switch to an 800V platform using patented Viper dual-sided cooling technology. Due to better cooling, the power switch reduces the use of silicon carbide materials while delivering improved performance and system efficiency compared to conventional silicon-based inverters.

To further advance the global automotive industry, BorgWarner will continue to develop inverter products featuring higher performance, reliability, scalability, and overall product value, while serving a global customer base from production sites around the world.

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