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Bolt.Earth and Bafang Partner to Transform EV Two-Wheelers

Bolt.Earth and Bafang

Bolt.Earth and Bafang are partnering to offer a complete solution for EV two-wheeler OEMs. This joint effort between

Bolt.Earth and Bafang are partnering to offer a complete solution for EV two-wheeler OEMs. This joint effort between Bolt.Earth and Bafang aims to enable OEMs to provide exceptional user experiences, catalysing a ground-breaking shift in the world of mobility.

Bafang, renowned for its precision-engineered EV motors, Motor Control Units, Batteries, Battery Management Systems, and Vehicle Control Units designed for e-bikes and e-motorcycles, brings unmatched hardware expertise. Their unwavering commitment to performance and reliability ensures that OEMs have a sturdy foundation for their vehicles.

T&D is a registered brand of Bafang Electric, based in Suzhou, China. Bafang has been engaged in electric drive systems for more than 20 years and has profound professional experience in R&D, manufacturing and service. With a strong global network and mature, streamlined supply chain, T&D is ideally positioned to deliver outstanding, complete powertrains for electric motorbikes. The brand has developed 5 distinct systems, to offer optimized, outstanding and harmonised performance in the Off-Road (Storm/FE series), Urban (Forest/LI series), Touring (Fire/HUO series), Entertainment (Mountain/SH series) and High-Performance (Lightning/LE series) categories.

On the other side of this exciting partnership, Bolt.Earth introduces its comprehensive EV Operating Stack (OS), poised to serve as the foundational software and user interface eagerly awaited by electric two-wheeler OEMs. Bolt.Earth’s offerings, including smart instrument clusters, ready-to-use EV companion apps, OEM and fleet management dashboards, and integrated marketplace solutions, enabling OEMs to offer their customers a more cohesive and connected EV experience. Moreover, their integrated peer-to-peer charging network, featuring both AC and DC charging points, ensures effortless charging and enhanced accessibility for end-users.

Mr. Jyotiranjan Harichandan, Co-Founder at Bolt.Earth, expressed his excitement, stating, “With this alliance, we are ushering in a new era for EV two-wheeler OEMs. OEMs can now leverage the combined strength of Bafang’s hardware expertise and our innovative OS to offer customers an EV experience that’s holistic, interconnected, and user-centric.”

Mr. Sunny, Managing Director at Bafang, emphasized, “This isn’t just about two companies working closely. It’s about amplifying the potential of EV two-wheelers for OEMs. By integrating our robust drive systems with Bolt.Earth’s state-of-the-art software solutions, we’re giving OEMs the tools to redefine and elevate the EV journey for their customers.”

For EV two-wheeler OEMs, this collaboration represents a one-stop solution, ensuring product excellence from inception and facilitating swift market entry or expansion. Whether it’s sourcing top-tier drive systems or integrating software that enhances user engagement, OEMs now have a streamlined pathway to success.

SOURCE: Bolt.Earth

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