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Blitz and Addionics to Co-Develop Smart 3D Electrodes for Electric Moped Fleet

Smart 3D Electrodes

Blitz Motors and Addionics have partnered to develop next-generation batteries for electric mopeds using Addionics’ Smart 3D Electrodes.

Blitz Motors today announced that it has signed an agreement with Addionics, a chemistry-agnostic battery technology company, to co-develop AI-optimized, Smart 3D Electrodes to improve range, increase charging time, and lower production costs for it fleet of smart electric mopeds.

Addionics develops and manufactures Smart 3D Electrodes that are compatible with any chemistry, existing or emerging. Unlike most companies that focus on improving batteries through chemistry, Addionics focuses on battery physics. Its award-winning approach to battery design improves all key battery performance metrics, including increased energy density and power, enhanced safety, and extended lifetime – all without increasing cost. Addionics’ patented electrode fabrication process is cost-effective and scalable, and as a drop-in solution, Smart 3D Electrodes are compatible with existing battery manufacturing facilities and assembly lines. In addition, the company’s AI-based software optimizes battery structure at the design phase to accelerate battery development time, achieve optimal performance, and further reduce production costs.

Under the terms of the agreement, Addionics will supply Blitz with Smart 3D Electrodes to co-develop lithium ion batteries for Blitz’s fleet of smart electric mopeds, with a prototype expected to be completed in 2023.

We’ve spent years looking for the right partner to help us improve battery performance and cost in our fleet of electric mopeds to better serve our commercial and public sector customers,” said Raphael Moszynski, CEO of Blitz Motors. “Two-wheeled vehicles experience significantly more wear and tear in a much shorter time than four-wheeled vehicles. Addionics will help us maximize our battery’s lifetime, by increasing range, reducing charging times and enhancing overall safety.”

“Addionics’ Smart 3D Electrodes offer a significant technology advantage in the shift to electric transportation, due to its outstanding advantages in travel range, charging speed, and price of the battery without compromising on safety,” said Moshiel Biton, CEO of Addionics. “Our latest collaboration with Blitz Motors further demonstrates Addionics’ ability to scale our technology across all types of electric vehicles and in doing so, accelerate the transition towards a greener, better future for all.”

Blitz provides a cleaner, more cost effective means of commercial transportation along with a full range of first- and last-mile services that includes 24/7 support, operations, insurance, maintenance, repairs. Blitz’s smart e-mobility offerings are equipped with data analytics for predictive maintenance and enhanced operational efficiency, enabling customers to mitigate any problems with their moped fleets before they arise. Blitz’s customers include Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Gorillas, Sushi Shop, in addition to delivery services and government and local authorities such as the Israel Postal Co.

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