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Blink Charging Wins Utah State Contract for Streamlined EV Charging

Blink Charging

Blink Charging has announced its designation as a State Contract Awardee by the Utah Division of Purchasing. This contract places

Blink Charging has announced its selection as a State Contract Awardee by the Utah Division of Purchasing. This contract places a premium on Blink’s products and services, catering to government, non-profit, K-12, and higher education agencies in Utah. It equips their properties and facilities to meet the surging nationwide demand for EV charging infrastructure.

Salt Lake City International Airport (“SLC International”) has already utilized Blink’s Blink Utah State Contract. Operated and managed by the Salt Lake City Department of Airports, a department of Salt Lake City Corporation, SLC International selected Blink through the contract and has successfully deployed ten of Blink’s Series 7, 48-amp Level 2 (L2) chargers.

“Being recognized as a trusted supplier by the State of Utah is an important step for Blink, making our products more accessible to public agencies in building their EV infrastructure, as demonstrated at Salt Lake City International Airport,” said Mike Battaglia, Chief Revenue Officer for Blink Charging. “We’re thrilled to witness this in action with the airport, as the Blink Utah State Contract streamlines the process and assists local and state agencies in procuring, installing and powering their EV charging infrastructure.”

The Blink Utah State Contract (#AR4038 contract) offers a comprehensive range of Blink products such as the Blink Series 7 and Series 8, as well as Blink’s line of DC Fast Chargers. Blink’s chargers operate on its newly rebuilt Blink Network host portal, which enables customers to conveniently manage their chargers, customize charge rates for specific user groups and zones, and monitor energy consumption and associated fees during a charging session.

The Blink Utah State Contract further includes a comprehensive package offering options for extended warranties, 24/7 customer support, various Blink unique business models options ranging from hybrid to turn-key solutions, station and fleet management software, smart reporting tools, and more. Agencies are able to leverage Blink’s flexible service models to suit their specific needs and circumstances.

Today’s announcement follows Blink’s Q2 2023 earnings release, the strongest in Company history, which saw total revenues increase to nearly $33 million for the quarter. Blink also announced it raised its 2023 revenue target from $100 – $110 million to $110 – $120 million and is targeting a positive adjusted EBITDA break-even run rate by December of 2024. Blink’s growth comes as the only U.S. vertically integrated EV charging company, manufacturing and selling charging equipment while also owning and operating chargers connected to its Blink network.

SOURCE: Blink Charging

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