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Blink Charging to Supply Fleet EV Infrastructure for Mack Trucks

Fleet EV Infrastructure

Blink Charging revealed today that it has been chosen as a comprehensive fleet EV infrastructure provider for Mack Trucks under

Blink Charging revealed today that it has been chosen as a comprehensive fleet EV infrastructure provider for Mack Trucks under Mack’s Vendor Direct Ship and Turnkey Solutions program.

Mack Trucks selected Blink and its reliable, scalable EV equipment and extensive fleet expertise. As operators look to electrify their fleets, Blink and its advanced EV charging products provide dedicated expertise to help accurately assess particular fleet needs to optimize infrastructure services and provide end-to-end software solutions. Additionally, Blink has commenced deploying workplace chargers at multiple Volvo and Mack facilities nationwide.

“We applaud the efforts of Mack for their forward-thinking in advancing fleet electrification and we are excited to be selected as a charging partner in their Turnkey Solutions program, providing reliable and advanced charging solutions,” said Jim Nemec, Chief Revenue Officer at Blink Charging. “Building a dependable charging infrastructure is vital in keeping electric fleets operational and on the road. We look forward to continuing to work with Mack as they move to bring e-mobility to fleets around the country.”

Mack Trucks’ Turnkey Solutions program covers all phases of infrastructure development. Encompassing initial site consultations, acquisition of charging hardware and software, permit procurement, installation processes, liaising with utility companies, and maintenance of the charging equipment. It also helps fleets find incentives and write grant proposals.

“Our charging partnerships and the Turnkey Solutions program as a whole will enable customers to more easily manage the development and installation of infrastructure for the Mack MD Electric and Mack LR Electric vehicles,” said Ryan Saba, Mack energy solutions manager. “The strategic partnerships Mack has in place will aid customers with support, including charger uptime. This is a key differentiator for Mack since charging components continue to be difficult to secure.”

This news follows Blink’s robust third-quarter results, evidencing a notable increase in revenues by 152%, totaling approximately $43.4 million, and a surge in gross profits by 167% to roughly $12.8 million in contrast to Q3 2022. Blink also announced plans to expand operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland by launching its advanced EQ 200 charger, continuing its global expansion initiative.

SOURCE: Blink Charging

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