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Blink Charging and AES Launch New Charging Station

Blink Charging

Blink Charging revealed today the deployment of a Blink charging station at a Texaco Juan Pablo gas station in

Blink Charging revealed today the deployment of a Blink charging station at a Texaco Juan Pablo gas station in San Salvador. This development is in line with the company’s collaboration with AES to bolster the growth of its public access charging infrastructure for EVs across the nation.

“We are excited to support AES in their effort to provide EV drivers in El Salvador with accessible and easy charging,” said Patricia Baires, LATAM Business Development Manager for Blink Charging. “Helping drivers reduce their range anxiety and bolstering the Salvadorian public access charging network is vital, especially in light of the increased demand for EVs.”

Together with Blink, AES El Salvador advances its commitment to zero emissions transportation and reduction of noise pollution. The planned implementation of an additional nine new charging stations in Chalatenango, Santa Ana, and San Miguel, will connect 325 kilometers of routes to ensure range confidence grows with current and future EV drivers in El Salvador. The charging stations will be strategically placed in locations such as shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other convenient sites. Installation of the ten charging stations is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

“One of the challenges of implementing EV charging infrastructure in El Salvador is the strategic installation of charging ports along routes to support EV drivers. Together with Blink Charging, we are working to provide EV charging solutions that accelerate the adoption of the EV industry in the country,” said Roberto Sandoval, General Director of AES El Salvador’s Solutions Division.

Blink’s IQ200 chargers are capable of delivering up to 80 amps of output and can provide approximately 65 miles of charge in just one hour. The IQ200 chargers support convenient payment options making them an ideal choice for retail and restaurant locations. The chargers will be connected to the Blink Network platform, allowing drivers to locate networked charging stations through the Blink Charging Mobile App. The Blink Network also provides visibility to administrators, allowing them to access each charger’s usage information in real time.

Installation of the charger at Texaco Juan Pablo follows similar moves by Blink in both the United States and Latin America. Recently, Blink reached an agreement with Arcos Dorados, the largest independent McDonald’s franchisee in the world, to install chargers at McDonald’s locations throughout Puerto Rico. Blink also recently announced its selection as an EV charging solutions provider for Royal Farms, a chain of convenience stores in the United States.

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