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BizLink Highlights its High-Voltage Harnesses for EV and PHEV at CES 2023

High-Voltage Harnesses for EV and PHEV

BizLink, revealed its latest advancements in xEV/AV applications and smart conference solutions at CES 2023.

BizLink, revealed its latest advancements in xEV/AV applications and smart conference solutions at CES 2023. BizLink’s display was a great success with a number of connections made with many new potential customers. Using a car model to provide a cutaway perspective of an EV drivetrain system, the displayed products captured a great deal of attention during the trade show. With the accelerated expansion of electric vehicle adoption around the globe, the EV trend is almost like a one way road toward the zero-emission future. BizLink’s EV product spectrum ranges from EVSE charging offerings, high-voltage and low-voltage harnesses, to automotive ethernet cable assemblies, silicon cables as well as complex automotive busbar assemblies. 

BizLink’s EVSE offerings include a new, ergonomically designed and impact-resistant AC charging station, equipped with a SAE J1772-compliant charge coupler and temperature sensor for added safety. In addition to the AC charging station, BizLink also debuted a compact and easy-to-handle EV Portable Charger, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, featuring overheat protection and an IP67/NEMA Type 3 enclosure.

BizLink also drew attendee’s attention to its high-power DC fast charging options, such as its CCS1 and CCS2 DC Charging Assemblies, which comply with safety standards UL 2251 and IEC-62196, and feature silver-plated connector terminals and a built-in temperature sensor. Additionally, BizLink highlighted its high-voltage harnesses for EV and PHEV that ensure smooth and steady interconnect operation among MCU, PDU, battery pack, and other components required for EV drivetrain systems. BizLink also presented its silicon automotive cable and complex automotive busbar assembly solutions, providing both design and manufacturing services to customers worldwide.

In addition to EVSE, BizLink’s collaboration solution designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of meetings, was also on display, featuring its latest Audio Dock and Conference Hubs. The Audio Dock is a versatile device that allows users to connect a variety of USB devices, audio and video sources. The Conference Hubs provide multiple users with the ability to connect their devices and control the meeting from a touch panel, it also has HDMI ingress function, dual 4K displays, and USB-C charging and Ethernet connection feature. BizLink’s offerings for xEV/AV applications and smart conference lead users towards comprehensive experience on the road and in the meeting room.

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