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Beam Global EV ARC™ Systems Deployed by County of San Diego

Beam Global EV Arc

Beam Global has announced the deployment of 10 Beam EV ARC™ sustainable off-grid charging systems within the County of

Beam Global has announced the deployment of 10 Beam EV ARC™ sustainable off-grid charging systems within the County of San Diego. These systems are installed at public parks for public charging and at various county locations for fleet charging purposes. The procurement was facilitated through the General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract Number 47QSWA21D0006, streamlining the federal procurement process and guaranteeing competitive pricing. Moreover, this contract is available to numerous state and local government entities, enabling them to utilize the systems for disaster recovery or preparedness efforts.

The Beam EV ARC™ systems are off-grid and powered 100% by renewable energy, generating and storing their own clean electricity. Each system is deployed with no construction, no electrical work, no utility connection and is delivered as a turnkey sustainable charging solution, saving the County time and the cost of lengthy construction projects. The Emergency Power Panel can offer first responders a source of vital electricity in emergencies or disasters and the systems are flood resistant to 9.5’ and wind-rated to 160 mph for disaster preparedness.

The public parks that now offer the solar-powered charging systems to visitors include:

  • Heise County Park
  • Lake Morena County Park
  • Tijuana River Valley Regional Park
  • William Heise County Park

“More municipalities, counties and state level agencies across the U.S. are expanding their purchases of EV ARC systems beyond fleet charging to also provide public charging,” said Desmond Wheatley, Beam Global CEO. “Parks, open spaces, recreational areas and environmentally sensitive locations are perfect sites for EV ARC systems which are rapidly deployed without digging up parks, closing public facilities for construction or disrupting the environment. EV drivers can park, plug in, play, and have the range they need to get home, driving on sunshine. The EV ARC also provides power for other uses in those locations which is useful all the time and vital during emergencies.”

Disaster preparedness and energy resiliency are becoming imperative for government entities as the intensity and frequency of climate-related emergencies are on the rise, disrupting communities, businesses and the governments that serve them. According to Climate Central U.S. data analysis, about 83% of reported power outages from 2000-2021 can be attributed to weather-related events, with the most recent decade from 2011-2021 experiencing 64% more major power outages than the previous decade, with an estimated $150B-$200B in costs to U.S. business every year.

GSA’s Disaster Purchasing Program expands purchasing beyond federal agencies and allows state and local governments to buy directly from GSA Schedules to facilitate disaster preparation, response or major disaster recovery. Available now, the next gen Beam products can be purchased by local, state and federal agencies off GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract Number 47QSWA21D0006 which simplifies the procurement process and ensures best pricing. Small, medium and large businesses can purchase the same disaster-rated products directly from Beam Global at [email protected].

SOURCE: Beam Global

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