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New Battery Pack for Heavy Duty Electric Vehicles

Battery Pack for Heavy Duty Electric Vehicles

Proterra have unveiled the newest series of battery backs, a customisable battery back for heavy-duty electric vehicles, the H Series.

Proterra a leading innovator in heavy-duty electric transportation have unveiled a new customisable battery back for heavy-duty electric vehicles. The newest series of battery backs, the H series offers a customisable energy storage systems are ideal to power a wide range of heavy-duty commercial vehicles and are designed narrower to package into standard truck frame rails and increase packaging flexibility for Proterra Powered customers.

In addition to the new H Series, Proterra will continue to offer its S Series battery packs, which powers Proterra’s fleet of battery-electric transit buses and other Proterra Powered vehicles.

Proterra’s modular H Series and S Series battery packs are highly customizable, enabling vehicles to be built with multiple packs powering an energy storage system. Proterra manufactured the more compact H Series battery packs with a width of 620 mm and the ability to hold 25-75 kWh of energy storage capacity. S Series battery packs have a width of 860 mm and can contain up to 113 kWh of energy storage per pack. Additional specifications for the H Series battery pack can be found here.

Proterra’s flexible battery platform leverages industry-leading energy density manufactured for maximum range, a customizable design to fit within a variety of vehicles, and a ruggedized commercial grade housing to withstand harsh environments.

“Proterra’s safe, reliable battery technology has been proven in hundreds of vehicles that are on the road today. That’s why world-class manufacturers are choosing Proterra to power their school buses, coach buses, delivery vans, and other electric vehicles. Now, we are excited to extend our best-in-class battery platform to help power even more commercial vehicles and accelerate the transition to clean, quiet transportation for all,” said Proterra CEO and Chairman Jack Allen.

Proterra Powered™ leverages Proterra’s electric vehicle technology and expertise to help commercial vehicle manufacturers electrify their vehicles. Proterra battery systems are utilized by world-class OEMs to introduce 100% battery-electric vehicles, including electric school buses, coach buses, delivery vans, and low-floor cutaway shuttle buses.  To date, Proterra Powered has helped world-class OEMs like Thomas Built Bus, Van Hool, FCCC, Bustech, and Optimal-EV introduce 100% battery-electric vehicles that are powered by Proterra electric vehicle technology.

“Proterra has invested in shaping our battery technology to exceed the requirements of commercial fleet applications around the globe,” said Proterra Chief Technology Office Dustin Grace. “Safety and reliability are at the heart of our technology products which is why our battery platform employs state-of-the-art functional safety software and hardware. Further, our flexible battery platform enables energy and geometry ‘right-sizing’ to ensure our battery system meets the unique needs of each of our customers, including cost and range requirements.”

The H and S Series battery packs each leverages their own uniquely sized module.  Both modules can be produced at four different voltage ratings, offering OEMs the flexibility to vary voltage and energy requirements to meet their individual needs. Utilizing top-tier NCM 811 lithium-ion cylindrical cells, Proterra’s battery platform is scalable in all dimensions and can support different vehicle voltages up to 1200 VDC and 6 MWh in size.

Proterra batteries feature patented passive and active safety features, liquid thermal conditioning, and adhere to state-of-the-art functional safety standards, including ISO 26262 (up to ASIL C). Passive Propagation Resistance, or PPR, is a foundational requirement of all Proterra battery packs.  In the rare event of a latent cell failure, a localized thermal event is completely isolated and will not spread to neighbouring battery cells.  All Proterra battery products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand a full-service life under the toughest conditions, including extreme heat, cold, water submersion, vibration, and impact.

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