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Avatr Debuts Limited Addition Avatr 011 an Electric Coupe SUV Co-Designed by MMW

Avatr 011

Avatr 011, a limited edition emotional intelligent electric coupe SUV co-designed by MMW premieres, limited to 500 units worldwide.

The first co-designed limited-edition model for Avatr, the Avatr 011, premiers with a unique world standing. Matthew M. Williams (hereinafter referred to as MMW), co-founder of 1017 ALYX 9SM and creative director of French luxury fashion brand Givenchy, shared a collection of mysterious co-created videos and artworks on his personal social platform, to unveil Avatr 011.

As the first model of the Avatr brand’s fashion crossover “0” series, Avatr 011 was jointly designed by Matthew M. Williams and Nader Faghihzadeh, Chief Design Officer of Avatr, with a limited number of only 500 units available worldwide.

“The Avatr 011 truly integrates the essence of fashion and technology and we are honored to bring forth pioneering works that represents the times,” said Ms. Wang Lin, Chief Marketing Officer of Avatr Technology.

With its futuristic design concept, its visually stunning casual luxury style and humanistic approach, the Avatr 011 has become a masterpiece that takes the lead in trends for future automobiles.

The fashion design philosophy and iconic elements of MMW are on full display with this release.

As the guest-designer of Avatr 011, Matthew M. Williams said: “I am excited about this project and its inspiration; Avatr’s concept of exploring new fundamental features for the future of automobiles coincides with my desire to always try to innovate in my design and in the fashion industry.”

“As a car designer, you have to transform information into emotion. The inspiration of the Avatr 011 comes from the futuristic ideology of the product,” Nader Faghihzadeh, Chief Design Officer of Avatr, said,” People can interact with it and express themselves even further.”

The Avatr 011 is also built on a statement of simplicity with the all-black composition creating an avant-garde body. It is equipped with a disc-wing front face, a floating body, and a spaceship inspired tail.

Black is the only color available for the Avatr 011—011, Black.

Buckles are found behind the front seat, in the storage compartment, under the middle console, and the trunk.

The entire vehicle is hand-wrapped in leather with the cabin using NAPPA leather, and for the first time, NUPRIMA matte leather.

The wide 22-inch wheels create a strong sporty stance with its four floating wheel caps remaining still during high-speed driving.

The letters “AVATRMMW” are artistically presented on the seat headrest, brake calipers, the welcome pedal and the boot screen.

A new benchmark for global premium SEV brands

The Avatr 011 is equipped with EI. Thanks to CHN, a new generation of SEV technology platform built by Changan, Huawei and CATL, the Avatr 011 has unapparelled intelligence and performance advantages.

Equipped with Huawei’s new generation dual motors, the model has a maximum power of 425kW and a front and rear axle ratio of nearly 50:50. Equipped with a new generation of CTP ternary lithium battery pack from CATL, the Avatr 011 has a battery range of over 700km. It’s also the first to apply a 750V high-voltage superfast charging system with a charging power of 240kW.

The Avatr 011 is equipped with Huawei HI, (Huawei Inside) a fully stacked smart car solution, a super-sensing system and a super-computing platform with a computing power of 400TOPS, including 3 lidar sensors, 6 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, and 13 cameras.

EI is the new fashion with the Avatr 011 leading in new fashion trends of SEVs with its aesthetic design and humanistic technology that anticipates the future. The Avatr 011 will be released and available for pre-order in Q2 of this year and delivered in Q4.

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