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Arcimoto and JOCO Announce Manhattan Pilot Program for Last Mile Delivery Drivers

Arcimoto and JOCO

Arcimoto and JOCO announce Manhattan pilot program to field test the Deliverator, Arcimoto’s ultra-efficient, three-wheel EV.

Arcimoto, makers of rightsized, outrageously fun, ultra-efficient electric vehicles for moving people and stuff, and JOCO, the world’s first Light Electric Vehicle sharing platform for delivery drivers, are teaming up on a pilot program to field test the Deliverator, Arcimoto’s ultra-efficient, three-wheel electric vehicle designed for local and last-mile delivery. The pilot program is anticipated to begin in Manhattan on June 15.

With more than 50 JOCO Hubs and across New York City, Chicago and Boston, JOCO operates a fleet of two thousand e-bikes for delivery gig drivers. During the pilot program, JOCO will market the Arcimoto Deliverator to local businesses and independent delivery drivers as a new sustainable delivery option available for daily and weekly rentals, offering greater range, convenience, safety and payload versus a traditional e-bike.

“We see this as a great opportunity to offer the latest electric vehicle technology to the business owners and drivers of New York City,” said Jonathan Cohen, co-founder of JOCO. “The Deliverator will offer independent contractors and delivery companies more ways to make money by helping them travel longer distances and carry more in an eco-friendly and cost efficient manner.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with JOCO to bring the first Arcimoto Deliverators to New York,” said Mark Frohnmayer, CEO and Founder of Arcimoto. “We believe that with every delivery, JOCO users will enjoy meaningful per-mile savings compared to gas-powered vehicles, rockstar parking and service, and a boost in brand awareness as the zero-emission Deliverator turns heads across Manhattan.”

Built on the modular Arcimoto Platform, the Deliverator features a top speed of 75 mph, 102 city mile range, 20+ cubic feet of cargo space, and a right-sized footprint that allows three vehicles to be parked in a single space.

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