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AMTE Power and MAHLE Powertrain to Develop Next Gen Powertrains

Next Gen Powertrains

AMTE Power and MAHLE Powertrain sign non-binding MoU for the supply of AMTE’s UHP cells to support the development of next gen powertrains.

AMTE Power, has signed a memorandum of understanding (“MoU”) with MAHLE Powertrain (“MPT”). The non-binding MoU lays the foundation for the supply of AMTE’s Ultra High Power (“UHP”) cells to support the development of next generation electric vehicles.

MPT is well-known as a leading engineering services provider, working with major vehicle OEMs and prestige car manufacturers to design, test and develop electrified powertrain systems and hybrid vehicle engines. This partnership will facilitate testing of AMTE Power’s UHP cells in MPT’s recently opened Battery Development Centre in Northampton. This will allow MPT to develop powertrain concepts for the next era of high-performance electric cars and help address the automotive industry bottleneck in battery testing.

AMTE Power’s differentiated cells are specifically designed to solve key challenges for high-performance electric vehicles (EVs), balancing power, weight and safety needs. The Group’s lithium ion UHP cell provides rapid charging and discharging times. All of AMTE Power’s cells are made in the UK, guaranteeing security of supply and helping MPT’s EV customers comply with emerging rules of origin legislation.

This MoU is the latest in a series of commercial opportunities announced by AMTE Power and is further endorsement of the Company’s UHP cell as it looks to scale up production in support of the drive towards net zero. The business anticipates providing a further update later this year on its manufacturing capabilities that will enable it to produce its cells in the UK at industrial scale.

Kevin Brundish, CEO of AMTE Power, commented:

“This first step towards a commercial partnership with MPT builds on a number of recent MoUs that we’ve agreed in the automotive sector. We’re generating real momentum in the market as more customers recognise the value of our differentiated cell technology. This is an important step in our pathway towards commercialisation and we are looking forward to working with MPT to unlock the next generation of high-performance vehicles.”

John Hollingworth, Sales and Marketing Director of MAHLE Powertrain commented:

Securing access to the latest in battery cell technology is key to delivering the sustained high performance our customers are looking for in their battery pack developments. MPT have invested in our people’s skills and developed cutting edge design, analysis and performance testing capabilities to be able to optimise the full potential of battery cells in module and pack form. This partnership with AMTE means that we now can push the boundaries of battery technology and feedback into the development cycle to push the boundaries even further in the future.” 

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