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Allison Transmission Partner with Anadolu Isuzuon Electric Trucks and Buses

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Allison eGen Power® 100S electric axles will be integrated into Anadolu Isuzu’s electric trucks and buses.

Allison Transmission, is pleased to announce a strategic joint cooperation agreement (JCA) with Turkey’s leading bus and truck manufacturer Anadolu Isuzu. As a part of this JCA, Allison eGen Power® 100S electric axles will be integrated into Anadolu Isuzu’s light-duty truck and midibus platforms for refuse, distribution and public transportation applications.

“This is an exciting partnership for Allison as we continue to expand our eGen Power portfolio to deliver on our commitment to provide the most reliable and valued propulsion solutions in the world,” said Heidi Schutte, Vice President of EMEA, APAC and South America Sales for Allison Transmission. “Allison’s conventional transmissions have been the preferred solution for Anadolu Isuzu’s bus platforms for more than 10 years, and we’re pleased to continue our longstanding relationship by delivering innovative solutions to our joint customers, including many truck and midibus fleets in Turkey, the Middle East and Europe.”

This integration program marks a critical step in Anadolu Isuzu’s efforts to deliver vehicles that reduce emissions and carbon footprint, while also improving vehicle performance. Allison eGen Power 100S electric axles enable the production of electric trucks and buses that not only meet the current performance criteria but go beyond them, while maintaining the quality and reliability Anadolu Isuzu and Allison have earned a reputation for over decades.

In addition to being an established producer of buses and trucks locally, Anadolu Isuzu designers and engineers are developing next-generation electric vehicles for countries across Europe. Many countries are implementing measures to reduce emissions that contribute to global warming, in response to European greenhouse gas regulations, directives and the European Green Deal.

The eGen Power 100S e-Axle integrates a high-speed electric motor and a multi-speed transmission, eliminating the need for additional drive shafts and support structures. This allows it to fit easily between the wheels, leaving critical space for battery storage. With continuous power of 304 hp (227 kW) and peak output power of 437 hp (326 kW), the eGen Power 100S is among the most powerful propulsion solutions in its class, with an architecture tuned for high acceleration and high top speed without sacrificing efficiency. This ensures Anadolu Isuzu’s light-duty trucks and midibuses will deliver unparalleled performance, reliability and increased maneuverability.

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