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ABB E-mobility Delivers EV Chargers to First NEVI Site in Southeastern US


and Federal Highway Administrator Shailen Bhatt commemorated the beginning of construction for the first NEVI EV charging

Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky and Federal Highway Administrator Shailen Bhatt commemorated the beginning of construction for the first NEVI EV charging station in the Southeastern United States. Located at Circle K in Richmond, Kentucky, along the heavily traversed Interstate 75 corridor, this site marks a significant milestone. Equipped with ABB E-mobility Terra 184 chargers, compliant with Build America, Buy America (BABA) regulations and meeting NEVI’s technical minimum standards, the station is also “NACS-ready”. Each charger is capable of delivering up to 180 kW of power, enabling Circle K customers to recharge swiftly and resume their journeys.

As one of the first states to deploy EV fast chargers under the NEVI program, Kentucky and the Federal Highway Administration showed its leadership and commitment to the economic benefits of electric transportation in all parts of the country. ABB E-mobility shares this commitment, providing NEVI compliant T184 fast chargers to partners awarded NEVI funding in over a half dozen states across the United States.

Convenient and reliable charging is the foundation of the e-mobility economy.

ABB E-mobility is the charging partner of choice for convenience and fueling retailers that want to partner with a technology provider they can depend on throughout the lifecycle of their charging infrastructure. This new Circle K fast charging site in Richmond adds to Circle K’s increasing global EV charging footprint, which the company expects to reach 200 sites in North America this year, and enables the continued expansion of charging infrastructure that will meet the growing demands of EV drivers.

With EV adoption figures continuing to break records in the United States, the NEVI program and convenience store operators are key enablers of the e-mobility economy. In 2023 alone annual EV sales figure reached 1.2 million units¹ representing a 50% increase year over year.² ABB E-mobility is excited to be providing NEVI compliant chargers across the United States and collaborating with charging operators, policy makers, and transportation organizations to ensure the benefits of electric transportation reach all Americans.

“Our customers and drivers expect that charging infrastructure works and we provide reliable and convenient charge-and-go technology,” said Chris Nordh, Head of ABB E-mobility in North America. “ABB E-mobility is committed to helping partners like Circle K achieve their EV charging goals by delivering reliable, seamless, efficient and flexible charging solutions.”

“At Circle K, we are committed to providing a full range of mobility solutions that fuel our customers’ journeys, no matter how they power their vehicles, which is why are bringing EV fast charging to key sites across our U.S. network where we can meet growing demand,” said Aaron Smorodin, Head of Business Development for Circle K. “We are pleased to partner once again with ABB E-mobility, honored to be a part of this milestone development supported by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the NEVI program, and look forward to being a preferred destination for EV drivers along the I-75 corridor.”

Solutions that work

ABB E-mobility has been designing and manufacturing EV chargers for nearly 15 years and electrification equipment for over a century. Terra 184 chargers manufactured at our South Carolina-based operations meet the “Phase II” requirements for Build America, Buy America Act of 55% US cost of components which is applicable to multiple Federal Programs, including NEVI. Our chargers are built to last with preventative maintenance and service plans integrated into our NEVI offering, ensuring delivery of 97+% uptime.

The T184 is designed with key standards and certifications in mind, including the NEVI minimum standards. Features like ENERGY STAR certification, NTEP and CTEP certified metering, ADA readiness, ISO 15118 implementations, OCPP conformance, and J3400 readiness are not afterthoughts. Our preparation and dedication to meeting these requirements ensures that charging owners and operators are ready to meet regulatory needs. Later this year, we will add high power J3400 connectors to the chargers in Richmond, enabling Tesla vehicles and future NACS vehicles to charge without the need for adapters. 

SOURCE: ABB E-mobility

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