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6K Energy and DOE sign $50M Grant for PlusCAM Battery Material Plant

6K Energy

6K Energy, a subsidiary of 6K and a pioneer in the sustainable manufacturing of essential materials for lithium-ion batteries, has

6K Energy, a subsidiary of 6K and a pioneer in the sustainable manufacturing of essential materials for lithium-ion batteries, has officially secured a $50 million grant from the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains. This funding is designated for the construction of the PlusCAM battery material production plant in Jackson, TN, with the $50 million grant contributing to the overall construction cost exceeding $200 million.

PlusCAM will leverage the company’s proprietary UniMeltÒ microwave plasma technology for cathode active material (CAM) production. UniMelt plasma enables 6K Energy to deliver CAM for both NMC and LFP at an appreciably lower cost than Chinese suppliers, with superior ESG metrics including significantly lower energy consumption and emitting far less carbon emissions. The PlusCAM facility will be the model for supplying battery material to major automotive OEMs and suppliers such as 6K investor Stellantis and EU auto manufacturers.

“The national concern is focused on onshoring battery cells, but it’s severely misguided. The most critical item needed to break our reliance on China is CAM. No other production technology, other than UniMelt plasma, is capable of producing CAM with acceptable ESG levels and at costs lower than Asia,” said Sam Trinch, President of 6K Energy. “We are negotiating offtake agreements to commit our PlusCAM capacity, and the $50M grant helps us reach full-scale production beginning in late 2024 to meet our customer’s CAM supply requirements.”

Through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, DOE’s Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains is managing a portfolio of projects to build out the domestic battery supply chain and grow US manufacturing of batteries and battery materials for electric vehicles (EVs) and the electrical grid. 6K Energy’s PlusCAM facility, scheduled to open in Q4 2024, will be the first sustainable production facility in the US with industry leading ESG metrics such as zero hazardous liquid or solid waste, 90% less water use, lower energy consumption, and far less carbon emissions than legacy production technologies.

“For our PlusCAM facility, we are committed to hiring 40% of our workforce from either disadvantaged, veteran, disabled, or diverse communities, which aligns well with the spirit of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Justice 40 Initiative,” explained Rob Davies, COO for 6K Energy. “The $50M grant will be used for construction of the facility and workforce development to ensure our employees have the safest work environment, high-value training programs, and a positive working experience across the board in our Jackson, TN facility.”

The UniMelt technology is already operating at full-scale production at 6K Energy’s sister company, 6K Additive, producing metal powders for additive manufacturing. This facility, located in Burgettstown, PA, on its 45-acre campus, is ISO 9001 certified, running 24/7, producing critical materials such as titanium, nickel alloys, and refractory metals, also essential to our nation’s supply chain independence. 6K Energy’s PlusCAM production plant will be a 160,000 sq/ft facility with an annual capacity of 13kt per annum of multiple cathode active materials, including NMC and LFP chemistries. The company has begun hiring in Jackson, TN, and expects to have approximately 230 employees when the factory is at full-scale capacity.


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