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4,800+ new docking, charging and service stations worldwide

Charge - Docking, charging and service station

GetCharged, Inc. (“Charge”), a micromobility company dedicated to building the largest network of docking, charging and service stations for e-scooters and e-bikes, today announced that it has secured an additional 4,800+ locations to install its charging stations through an agreement with REEF Technology, the premier creator of last-block mobility and logistical hubs that enable cities, residents and businesses to better connect with the on-demand economy.

“The micromobility revolution is here — and Charge is keeping pace with the insane growth of this new mode of travel. We are laser focused on building a global infrastructure platform to service electric micromobility assets and provide industry-leading innovation to the space. Our expanded footprint, through our partnership with REEF, will enable Charge to grow in visible and desirable locations where electric assets are in high use,” said Andrew Fox, Charge Co-Founder and CEO. “This partnership truly represents a major step forward in positioning Charge as a leader in the micromobility infrastructure space and is another step forward in achieving our vision to help cities and communities thrive by empowering the global micromobility movement with a seamless, ‘smart,’ green and accessible infrastructure offering.”

“REEF’s ecosystems are strategically designed to be the focal point of the communities they serve, and Charge’s micromobility network offers game-changing solutions for optimizing urban transportation. We are thrilled to partner with Charge and see our collaboration as one example of how REEF Technology continues to activate urban hubs that serve the unique, changing needs of cities by leveraging our ideal locations across major markets,” said Alan Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer at REEF Technology.

With this move, Charge expands its network to more than 6,000 locations of ready-to-install e-scooter and e-bike docking stations in an effort to address the significant shortcomings of the existing dockless micromobility rideshare services. Further, Charge actively continues its robust business development efforts to expand its network and increase servicing sites throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The Charge platform offers a turnkey, integrated hardware, software and real-estate service designed to enable cities to safely welcome transportation operators and implement a sustainable electric micromobility future. Charge’s indoor, outdoor and pop-up mobile stations are designed to be compatible with most brands of e-scooters. The Company has engaged leading custom design manufacturer firm, Poitras Industries Inc. to manufacture its proprietary charging and parking smart-stations. In addition, Charge’s proprietary mobile application will enable consumers to easily locate and use e-scooters and e-bikes by providing users with available real-time locations. The app will also be integrated with select rideshare platforms to identify available e-micro vehicles and their level of charge, providing users with a one-stop-shop for shared mobility services addressing a myriad of transportation needs.

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